Some art created by yours truely, the JMP(AKA JMP's Art thread)

Alright, here's some sketches I have that I've made

JMP sketches showcasing abilities and weapons

Makuta Ivness

Jemoph and Jeris

The Current scene from the RP, a new Beginning, showing Nyran's OC Arikas(whom I forgot the hair for) with my OCs Jemoph and Ivness, facing one of the first new makuta

This, Would be my mech form. Specificly a desert/Outlands type of camo. Also I carry extremely heavy weaponry and look like my self moc sorta

ofcourse, here's a version of my wall pic

Here's how Vent looks in my cartoon artstyle, not as a moc

Here's the ZX squad/X team, AKA the Arcadian crew(in me 'main universe' drabble, Stealth Nymph already left the team and I'm part of the team as a heaver, while Vent's the leader, Crimson ninja's the stealth and sabotage, and Silvex/Neo Silveron's the Cyborg/engineer/inventer

EDIT 2: More picures:

My New Mugshot

Vent's mugshot

And finally for @KyoryuYellow1138 , Custom Mugshot of Ruby(Just cuz boredom)

Critiques and comments appreciated! I'll make sure to make sketches of more mugshots if you ask, Weapon sketches and other things


it's a bit of a mixed bag, some of it's really good, some is just decent, nothing's bad though,

jeris looks great, but you need to try to refine your symmetry a bit, the invess sketch is really asymmetrical, the rahi(?) in the rp sketch are really cool,

as for the cartoon style, proportions are great, though faces sometimes look a little melted, and the heads could have better jawlines,
but please, work on the hair, It's by far your weakness, it looks awkward, and to be fair I found hair hard to get right, but once I got used to it, it got really easy, I think the biggest problem with it is that it doesn't really flow like hair, and looks more like a spiky helmet, which is a common problem(I had it too),

basically all my complaints will go away with experience and experimentation, just keep at it and develop your style, I'm only decent now because of lots of drawing, my new pic took me a half dozen practice sketches of the kakama until I was satisfyed,

just remember that everyones art style is different and to develop yours and you will keep getting better.

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agreed, however, this is the style I've honed for about 9-8 years. Sure I could do better if I tried harder, but I'd prefer doing something which would take minutes and would be easier. Besides, ya'll haven't seen some of my other drawings yet...

but either way I'm still interested in doing mugshots, weapon art, or just any art(as long as it ain't explicit as in nudity) for anyone should they ask. Also I'll post more art soon

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that's the wrong mentality to have, you should want to do the best you can.
quality over quantity as they say.

btw I'm sorry if I came across as harsh or anything, I blame webcomic relief for that.

you know, looking at it again, your art reminds me of Doug Walker's(nostalgia critic),
I like that.


I like the first four*.
Draw more robots cause they're always cool, but for constructive criticisms: Work on the overall shape of the heads. They aren't sharp enough nor shaped that well.
Better than Maximumwarp though. Totally.


I hereby request one Scythe of Canon.


Sorry m8, I forgot how your original scythe these concepts work?

Also for those in the New Beginnings RP, here's some artwork of your characters:

Characters from the top to the bottom:

@RangerSilver6 s Rupuha
@Nyran s Arikas
@Leoxandar s Arxtann
My Jeris, Jemoph and Ivness
@Sidorak s Vakerak
@BioRaiders532 s Ceralis

Also guys, just asking, which type of art-style should I pick? I know I have my signiture one, but I wanna see what you want me to use:


I kinda like the Mii and the Simplified styles more than the rest. They're nice, appealing and clean.

Eh, the Scythe's pretty cool, the only issue being that it needs to look more like something a Kyoryuger would wield, like these for example!

Basically, it needs to look... sharper, and incorporate a dinosaur face into the design.

As for the animation style, I like the Anime, Mii, and signature styles the most.

I like what you did with Rupahu, Looks good.

I liek... Arxtann stuck_out_tongue

You did best on Ivness and Ceralis.

I Like Arikas, but I think the head/mask was drawn too large.

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Ivness and Ceralis were actually done on the same day this was posted here, however all other characters were actually drawn some time yeah



Hey man, can you give me tips on how to draw you? As in, what type or deviant art logo you want on your mask or how you'd prefer to be drawn and etc. Don't worry I'm using the official Kyoryugers as referance.


Allow me to explain.

Basically this in your art style. While it is Chibi, it has pretty much all the features my suit would need, even the Deviantart logo! The only issue is the middle horn. Never understood why the helmet has it, and I'd prefer it if you kept it off yours. And I guess you could just use the most modern Deviantart logo, which, by the way, should probably be excluded if you plan to make my Crystal Bonds Gen 2 variant. Also, If you're taking the official Kyoryuger suits as inspiration, you should probably know that Green's suit most closely resembles mine. As for the art style, just go with your Anime style. Kyoryuger is a Japanese show, after all.


I tried


They're only sketches but I'll update them. If you're wondering about the second one, a surprised you, Ruby, in a park under a cherry blossom tree celebrating new years.


All the yes...

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Glad you like it. I was half-slurred when I made it but I guess it's fine. I also forgot to say it's drawn on a hill and also I might color either of these pictures.

Next up might be @squeaverking or any of the guys who ordered pictures...