Some feelings I have about moving topics

Just gonna start with a few things: I have looked around the site, and I wasn't able to find any topic like this, other than the "Things You Dislike About the Board/Site" topic, but I feel this needs to be stated separately. If any admin or whoever thinks this topic should be moved, by all means, move it wherever. I don't want to start any fights.

That being said, I feel that topic moving is getting a little out of control. On a lot of the new posts I see, the first comment is something along the lines of "this post is too similar to this other one, shouldn't it be moved there?"
I feel like you can't post anything unless it's completely new, or a MOC topic (and let's hope there's never a MOC topic topic), which really makes me feel restrained on what I can and cannot post, though I'm not able to say if anyone else also feels this. I mean, don't get me wrong, I understand wanting to keep a neat and orderly message board, that makes it easy to find certain things, like if there were two "What's your favorite animal?" topics. However, I personally have made around four or five posts that have all been moved, and I feel like only one of them really needed to be.

For example, there was a recent post about the gen2 villager species not being biomechanical, and the first comment was a link to a generic "Bionicle 2015 Theories" topic. Yet, when I search other Bionicle 2015 theories, there are others that no one suggests should be moved. (In fact, the only ones that seem to be getting moved are ones about specific characters...) Now, I'm not 100% sure how exactly this board is supposed to work, but I feel like it might be a little much to have everything except user created content be under a certain topic, or otherwise nonexistent. It seems like the generic topics either need to be put in some place where it's easy to find the discussion you're looking for, or that the regulations for post moving should be a little less restrictive, or even listed as a topic, so people can know how to make a post that won't be moved (and I just searched, I couldn't find one, so I'm assuming there isn't one).

And one more thing.
If this does get moved, I can almost guarantee that no one will read it as a comment.


Changed the category to Site, as it was more fitting


You just have to read the topics and know where to post it, man.

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Something... recently, the "What do you like?" Topic was closed as being similar to the "Calling all fans of" topic, but one's for seeing if there are other fans of something, and I think it was already closed (someone correct me if I'm wrong), while the other was just stating things you liked, whether it was themes, songs, or activities.


Generic? I made it so people can all discuss things in a neat and tidy order and contemplate on multiple theories at once. UNLESS a topic has a significant difference, it will be merged. I'm sorry if it seems "generic" or something. Just keeping things clean like a Bohrok would do it.

Now, if someone makes a "MOCing Topic" about all MOCs, I'm sure it'll be taken down, as we have a MOCing section on the forum. That would totally ruin the reason we have a Lego Creations section in the first place.


I didn't mean to have that topic closed, I just asked the question and people went ahead and did it
I'm sorreh

It seemed that they were becoming the same thing imo

Well, for new users, it's an unexpected complication. Maybe not too big a deal, but still kinda inconvenient.

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When you're creating a topic, the board automatically shows you what similar topics have already been created. Does this help?


While I see your point, a few searches or even just looking at the Similar Topics popup makes it almost completely invalid.