Some More Combo Models From Slime

so i made some more combo models

why did i make a new topic?

because i can you scrub

First up, we have a combo of Korgot and Vizuna:

nyran shot

close up of the hammer

11/7/15 Update: Link to Instructions

i was also able to make a Bingzak MOC from the spare parts:

he found some armor and widgets

Next up here's a combo of Narmato and Kivoda:

nyran shot first

once again, i made a krongiwongi out of the spare parts:

this one's some sort of serpent with turbines

Now we move on to the beasts. Being inspired by a Brickshelf Gallery that @Scarilian showed me, I took it upon myself to attempt to create some Rahi out of the 2015 sets.

The first of these was a G2 version of the Razor Whale, created using Gali and Lewa:

(also I had to find a stand for this to work properly... sorry @Cordak_the_Last_Makuta...)

blurry pic of the face

obligatory top shot

obligatory bottom shot

11/7/15 Update: Link to Instructions

also i made a krongiwonki out of the spare parts

its some sort of dragon thing IDK

next we have a rahi which I call "Rynew," created from Pohatu:

his tail is a punchy-arm :3

close up of the head

close up of the punchy-arm

rearing up or something

11/7/15 Update: Link to Instructions

yet again i made a kronkiwongi out of the spare pieces

this one is called "Chompy," destroyer of heads

next, we have a rahi I like to call "Jawsahk," created from Onua:

he's loosely inspired on a dinosaur

he has a big mouth and stuff

nyran shot obligatory shot nyran

he has a REALLY big mouth and stuff

11/7/15 Update: Link to Instructions

like all of these, i made a krongiwongi MOC out of the spare parts:

i like to call her, "Defeat"

Lastly, we have a Combo I like to call "Skull Taurus," made from Skull Scorpio and Skull Slicer:

side shot nyran obligatory ORANGES

close up of the absolutely wonderful tail that wasn't cobbled together at the end

closer look at the torso

11/7/15 Update: Link to Instructions

lastly, here the last krongmoc i made from the spare parts

his name is "hope"

okay that's all for today byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


hope iz 2 op pls nerf slurm
This are actually fairly nice. GG m9.

I love what you did with the hammer and the launchers for the first two. The Razor whale and Jawsahk have got to be my favorites out of the bunch.


Very nice!


So both nyran and obligatory are dead.

So sad. /s

Great MOCs!


Have I said recently that combo mocs are some of my favorite, just because of the challenge behind them? These win that challenge.


I really like the Korgot/Vizuna and the Rynew


These all look great, Slurm! smile

I especially love Bingzak.



Really like the Narmoto/Kivoda combo.


this is the reason I've always loved custom combo models

it was truly a fun experience creating these MOCs (especially the Rynew who I made whilst watching a Sherlock episode)

@everyone, thanks! i'm glad y'all think these are alright :slight_smile:


Really like the small beasts and the fire and water protector fusion. And that is an awesome link.

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I need instructions. Please!

Amazing job, really.

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Defeat is my favorite. smile


That looks absolutely incredible, but I don't like the weapons. 9/10

Looks silly.

It's Protectormus Prime! This is awesome! 19/10

I'm going to name it Gerald.

The eyes are scary, but the rest is pretty good. 8/10

This is a clever little thing. I like it, it's unique. 10/10

It's like a Dragon-Bohrok! Looks good. 8/10

This is really cool, I like this. 9.5/10


Love the design of Rynew and his fist tail of justice.


Really enjoying the Rahi here, especially the Razor whale. The eyes are brilliant, bit of a throw back to G1. I also find the Bingzak figure oddly charming? Very nice.

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Tenouttaten. For all of them. Dude you really hit it out of the ball park with these.

I suppose if there's enough interest I could make instructions

but dang it's gonna be complicated for the Razor Whale


I think the Onua one is very good but my favourite has got to be Skull Taurus. It just looks like what the summer wave combos could have been in a perfect world

All of these are absolutely