Some New Moc From Yours Truly!

Here are some mocs. I wanted to have fun with the new parts and made these:

Groid the Brute
Groid the Brute

Groid the Brute

Hizaq the Tamer
Hizaq the Tamer

Hizaq the Tamer

Skull Slasher (he is the Skull version of Hizaq)
Skull Slaher

Skull Slaher

Enjoy smiley


Plural's Quick Review:


  • Color Scheme is Consistent
  • Bulk Master
  • Loin Cloth is Awkward
  • Don't like the chest

I would give this MOC a 7/10.

Good Job! grinning


  • Color Scheme is consistent
  • Like the horns on the G2 Pakari
  • Whip looks interesting
  • Don't like the thin Ankles
  • Don't like the Protector Chestplates on the feet

I would give this MOC an 8/10.

Great Job! smiley

Skull Slasher:
Same as Hizaq, but I don't like the discolored horns.

I would give this MOC a 7.5/10.

Grood Job! grinning

Groid the Brute
I really like the overall look of this guy, he gives me a sort of Japanese warrior vibe, what with the loin cloth, except he is decaying. I feel the color layering is a bit odd as the blue is only focused on his legs.

Hizaq the Tamer
Love that torso design, really gives him an imposing appearance, as do the beefy limbs and armored feet. The whip looks okay, though I absolutely loved how you put horns on the Pakari.

Skull Slasher
Same thoughs I had with Hizaq, but the decayed look is pulled off well, and I like that he retains some of the attributes from his living form.

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Nice! These are all great!

nice energy whip

Okay here are my 3 separate ( One joke per review!)
Groid the brute:
Onua noooooo!
Armour on chest connects very well!
Feet claws (Not ORANGE! YES!)
Legs are skinny compared to arms
Brown and blue doesn't look good

I'd give it an 5/10 It's okay but nothing special

It's the ruler of wakanda!
Well armoured
Mostly good color scheme
That wip tho!
Ear things don't look very good
they kinda ruin the moc

8/10 PLEASE take off the ears! Well it don't really matter if you like em keep em!

Skull Slasher
The king is dead!!!!
Bone peices flow well
Armour looks good
The ears again!

8/10 as you said he is the skull version of Hizaq and that he is!

Great mocs @Awesomenessborn keep up the good work!

Groid the Brute, more like Groin the Brute! In all seriousness, I like em, especially Hizaq's weapon.

This one is really good. There's nothing else to say about this.

I love what you did with the Bohrok eyes on the mask, and the design is also really cool.

This, looks really amazing. The colour scheme is really good, the design is really cool, and the MOC being asymmetrical adds to a really cool design.

I like them, they look pretty great!

All of these look like they could be actual sets. Nice work!