Some new vs old piece problems

You know those standard gears, the kind the Toa Metru used? I’m pretty sure they come in new and old grey (or light bluish grey and light grey) but I cant tell the difference between them. Most of the time I can see the difference between the two greys, but I can’t for those gears.

It bugs the heck out of me, anyone know of a way to tell them apart?

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Well, when it comes to said gears there is really no physical difference as far as I know
Here is a bricklink link if you want to look further into it

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I thought I was the only one :smile:

I can pretty easily tell the difference between the greys of bushings, but for some reason the difference in colour between the small gears are less distinct…and that causes me to mix them up on my MOCs and official sets (which drives me insane).

My advice would be to hold them under a light, the old grey will have a very very slight greenish tint


Thanks! By holding them about 4 in from a light I was able to tell. I’m still not 100% though.

While I’m here, do you know which black hand pices are old and which are new? some have an indent in them and some don’t. That doesn’t seem to matter because when I use some of the hands on the Bohrak they are really loose and don’t stay fixed.

What kind of indent?

Those are the 01-07 hands.

Are they slightly different joint sizes? Pohatu can only use the ones with the indent.

They shouldn’t be, but it’s more likely – size was a bit more… fluid back then.

[quote=“Xing1870, post:4, topic:19472”]
when I use some of the hands on the Bohrak they are really loose and don’t stay fixed.
[/quote]this happens to me too.


It’s weird, I was rebuilding Gali and Onua nuva and I had to use specific ones for different joints. For example, Onua’s upper legs would only take the ones with indents. The bohrak were even more finicky though, they would only take very specific hands.

Interesting…I always thought that some sockets just degraded in quality due to age, but to know that there are actually two different types of joints…that would save me a lot of time! I would just endlessly pop sockets in and out of an old joint hoping that there’s enough friction

So, they wouldn’t take the ones with indents?

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Lehvak only took black hands without indents, the ones with indents were slightly loose.
BUT most of the hands without indents didn’t fit at all.
So what if there are three types, indents, no indents and new(ish) (not talking about the ones that are smooth on the sides).