Some of my digital art work :P

I did a week challenge of drawing everyday. It was fun the first 3 days. After that I lost interest.

The Lions and the wolves were the worst in my opinion. I started to get better with the other 5.

I like the rendering I did on this deer.

This is an example of being to over confident and not think through what I was doing.

I put a lot of time into this one because the anatomy and over all silhouette wasn’t right and I was really working into it until it was right.

These are my favourite head phones. I wanted to show the textures and materials. I used a matt finish on the cups and a very glossy finish on the metal. I also like the rendering on it. Less is always more when it comes to digital art.

You can tell I was really running out of steam with the last one. I got really snug into bed, then remembered that I hadn’t drawn yet. I was wearing my pyjamas xD. Love these pyjamas (wearing them now). I prefer drawing organic things, although drawing mechanical stuff is a nice refreshment.


I love the eagle thing(I don’t remember what it’s called…) and the hand.

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@Ghosty I think it’s an Arabian Eagle, they’re trained for hunting or something. And thanks!! :smile:

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Thats some great artwork. I like the rhino picture the best.

I understand that one, I like to draw people, nature and clothing more than man-made objects and buildings. It’s great to see another artist with good creative skills on the message boards. Also that hand is great! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! I can’t wait to start drawing more Bionicle related things. I love the art style from the Bionicle comics.

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Me too. I can’t wait to see more of your art.

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Which style?

@Adazai The 2001 books. The quality of line is really aesthetically pleasing to me.


Nice animools. My favorite has got to be the mummy, nature’s most wondrous wonder.

beautiful designs sir

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@JMP Thank youu

@Onyx_ That’s my hand in my stripy pyjamas lol

Oh, then I guess my favorite defaults on the marvelous sight of nature’s Headphones. Oh, the music she’s heard with those headphones.

@Onyx_ I usually listen to Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park-ish kind of music with those :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy cow these are really good!

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I agree with you liking the 2001 comics. The grunge and scrapes made them look not only battle damaged but more real.

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@Oniwah Thank you!!

This looks like the kind of art that you’d see in a children’s book. It looks beautiful!

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Man, you are a talent! Keep up the good work! :smile:

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@Chronicler Thank you it means a lot.

@DG_Eddie Thank you c:

Please don’t double-post, as per the site rules. Thanks. --John Smith

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