Some of my Older MOCs

I've never been amazing at creating MOCs (something I'm planning on fixing with Bionicle's return) so I thought I would show off three of my MOCs which I still consider to be... passible.

First up is a Ko-Matoran I made who was sort of like my own fan version of Ahkamou or Metus (i.e. a matron/agori gone rouge).

Next up is a Makuta who has stingers on his back laced with the Visorak's mutation venom. The largest MOC I've created considering most of my MOCs are just Inika builds with different armour. What I like about this guy is how menacing he can look in certain poses.

Last but not least we have this guy.

This guy was mostly made to see if I could pull off amax scientist design with the Hero Factory Building system and pieces from Which Doctor. While he does need some more armour on the arms I'm really happy with how the lab coat turned out (unfortunately I don't have a good picture of it).

So what did you think of my admittedly crappy MOCs. Any advice on how to improve?


Non-canon Akaku Nuva is non-canon.

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First of all, get some some armor on that second MOC and get rid of the first one. The first one, I'll be blunt, is complete crap. The neck is too long, the limbs are too short, and the body is meant for something twice that size. The second one could be decent if you just gave it a crap ton of armor.

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Alright thanks I'm not really good at Mocing so these are just the ones that were not simple Inika/Piraka builds.

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