Some Old Inika Builds

I know the community’s look on Inika builds, some of you hate em, some of you love em. Honestly, I lean more towards Inkia builds, because for a long time that’s all I had the pieces for. Now, I’m moving on to more custom MOCs, and I just wanted to keep my oldest and best on display somewhere as I slowly take them apart. Anyways, I have an Imgur album displaying my proudest creations. Hopefully, some of you more adverse to the Inkia builds can see that they’re actually extremely useful.

Not that all of you hate them… There just seems to be this bias towards them.




I don’t hate the Inika build, it just has to be done right.


The Inika were my favourite toa build and I love seeing more MOC’s using that build :smiley:

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The Inika builds were simple and flexible therefor making it easier for stop motions. About 3 years ago zi made some stop motions, mainly with Inika because they were easy. The bulkier builds with less flexibility look amazing but the Inika build is important as well.


My big thing is that using the barebones Inika build is lazy, which is something averted with these for the most part.

Also it makes arms look weird, by being to long, but eh,

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I agree with the fact that they aren’t proportionally human. They’re really more like apes than humans, but my point in trying to make is that a lot of them still can look good. All that’s needed is a little bit of work. I understand that a lot of Inika builds can start to seem unoriginal and monotonous after a while, but they’re really more of a stepping stone than a finished style.

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the inika builds are great the proportions are great. stand up right now and see where your arms are… wait im wrong people are like the metru build still great tho

The best aspect of the Inika build is definitely how technic heavy it is. With all of those pin and axle pieces there’s so much room for customization that you make a great deal of custom armor addons and extrusions within reason.
Plus, the building experience felt great. When you connected an armor piece via a pin or an axle, you actually felt like you were connecting a piece of gear and equipment into a skeletal frame of something. You felt like you were adding onto and building upon the set.
The main issue I have with the CCBS system is how clean cut it is. You just clip the shells onto ball joints, have to small pins for adding things onto, and that’s it.
So yeah, I prefer the Inika build. Not to say that the CCBS system is bad, it just feels a lot less genuine to me.

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