Some old Invader Zim artwork by Slime

So back in the day, I used to use MS paint to do things. Some things were awful, others were decent. I figured I'd share some of the decent stuff.

In 2011 (and earlier), I was obsessed with this TV show called Invader Zim. You've probably never heard of it. Anyway, I decided to make a replica of one of the characters on the show, GIR:

Once I did that, I figured I'd try to do GIR in his robot form:

then of course I had to make Zim too

and make him in his human disguise

thats all okay bye


my heart... the nostalgia...

i love it


this is actually really good, noice slime


You made this? It looks like it's strait out of the show! gg slime.


That was made in MS paint...?


It's just2good.

You can make something decent with Paint? 10/10

Gir <3 such a cootie patootie.
His dancing moves made my heart flutter.

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Art topic and a title that are references to invader Zim? I think we have an alien among us. Invader Slurm! Can't you see through his disguise? He's just wearing a suit and a Nuju hat! He even has the green skin!

It's a condition you freak

Why won't you believe me?!!