Some photoshop things (taking some requests)

I figured why not.
Also, if you have requests, feel free to make them. Keep in mind, I’m lazy and don’t have too much time on my hands, so I won’t be answering all requests. Just the ones I like the most (so make 'em count)
If you want someone who gets out photoshop stuff more effeciently, go visit Asriel’s magical photoshop hands topic. He’s better than I am at this.


Here is the link for you folks. Actually these look pretty nice.


no no no, my time has passed

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Some new stuff:


New update: why I didn’t post this a long time ago I have no idea lol but here’s something cool

Ignore the title, I never ran with it anyway, but it’s kinda cool I think.

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I like your use of lighting, it adds a surprising depth to your drawings.

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Thanks! I actually do most of the lighting-manipulation digitally, funny enough