Some Rahi insects

Decided to build some insect Rahi around some interesting parts I had lying around. I imagine these to be some pretty insignificant Rahi somewhere at the base of the food chain, all three not exceeding the length of a Matoran’s finger.

The Frost Moth:

A nocturnal Rahi native to cold areas, where it survives from eating lichen. It seems to be immune to cold and even survives being frozen for extended periods of time without any issue.

The Emberfly

A fragile-looking insect that lives near the coast. For some reason they start to emit an orange glow after they reach a certain age and start congregating in large swarms. Naturally this attracts countless Rahi that feed on them, but after a few days the Emberfly swarm will leave the land behind and travel out to sea. No one is really sure why they do this, but that they don’t return is a fact. A fisher who once confused an Emberfly swarm with the light from a lighthouse claims that the flies turned into fish, however…

Canopy Weevil

As the name implies, these beetles live in the canopies of trees. They feed off tree sap and large numbers of these Rahi on a single tree are known to be able to damage their host, which makes most Matoran consider them pests. Many bird Rahi prey on the Canopy Weevils, however, thus usually keeping their population in check.


These are great. Full of “life” too.


These are all really creative. Nice work!

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I really like these, and the colors make them look very special


I don’t have much time to talk about these at the moment, so I may be back. While I’m here, I absolutely adore these. I get such a strong, nostalgic vibe from these, as though they were Rahi MOCs made during 2001 - 2004. They’re just so unique and creative and capture great individual feelings. Outstanding.


Great MOCs! I love how you blended constraction with minifigure accessory parts.


I think these look amazing! The parts usage is very creative (is that a Deathstroke head?) and the colors are very appealing.

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Thanks all!

I suppose you mean the minifig head I used on the Emberfly?
It’s this head:


Fantastic work, they look great!

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These are so good that we’ll have to force you to make more. Darn good designs here.


Fit absolutely perfectly with the old rahi aesthetic, I sorely hope you make more because these are fantastic :smiley:

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These are absolutely gorgeous.

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