Some random alien artwork

Exactly as the title of this topic says. I felt like it was about time to upload some of my artwork to the boards. I’m not a very skilled artist but here goes nothing. Can’t remember when I made these most likely because I found them in that pile of artwork sitting in the corner of my bedroom.

I wish I had finished this one. It was inspired by aliens in Maz’s watering hole from Star Wars episode 7.

This guy could’ve used more detail.

I fairly detailed spider like creature surrounded by other small critters with a bit less effort put into them.

A species of migrating plant-life attempts to get directions to the nearest lake from a Wasparis.


Very unique and creepy.

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Sanic wasn’t fast enough to outrun the visorak


These look pretty cool!

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This looks awsome!

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There’s probably fan-fic of that now.

I really like the spider type creature.