Some Random Awesome Monstrosity

So, I made this guy tonight, while talking on the phone to someone. I was determined to make it look okay, and now to body's complete. I want you guys to bathe it in love and some ideas for arms/legs.


That will be a great titan MOC if you ever get to complete it.

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I like Black things (looks like pistons), it would be nice if you would incorporate Hoses

What's funny is that those are actually integral with the MOC's structure, not just aesthetic. If I remove them, I have no lower body. =)

Looks great! Seems one heck of a build... so I wanna see inside!


Alpha Kopaka!! That is really great!


Which is a pity, as they don't look very good -- although you could armor them over so that it doesn't break the styling, and simultaneously have an incredibuff torso.

More White! ~Pyrox

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I think I might want to have them a part of his backstory when he's complete, I've never liked incredibuff torsos, so even this one's bothering me.

This seems to have the potential of an awesome MOC

I like this moc the way it is. It looks like something from final fantasy that would float around and effortlessly cast magic.

So, @BioRaiders532, did you ever finish this guy? stuck_out_tongue

laughs hysterically and uncontrollably until falls out of chair

No, I scrapped him after three months of zero progress.