Some sfx stuff I did with Kopaka and Melum


...Unity? Good enough for an ice shield, apparently.

Look mommy, both hands!

The watercolour filter on this picture turned out especially well

That's about it! Just thought I'd try some photo stuff XD


That is awesome 😍

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Thank you!! I think I found my favourite filter :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct! It only works with certain lighting, but if you get that right, it works really well. ''Watercolour'' on the Picsart app if you were wondering!

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Looks like JtO, that's what you were going for right?

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This is pretty cool, but the first two are really bright.

That last one looks almost like "The Journey to One"! Pretty cool! (Pun totally intended):smiley:

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clicks on topic


This was my reaction as well when I click on the topic. I have real sensitive eyes man. Groovy pictures though.

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Wow! Theses look like they jumped straight out of Journey to One! Exquisite!
(Also, if this post's title was written in cloudy letters across an animated night sky, this post would be flagged for inappropriateness.)


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This looks very cool!