Some stuff I drew for school

Some stuff I drew for school

The decent stuff (charcoal and white pencil)

(Referenced from Michelangelo(if i remember correctly) and Albrecht Dürer)

The “i am too bored to draw this crap, I don’t care anymore” stuff (charcoal and white pencil)

(Referenced from Albrecht Dürer)

First ever watercolor thing (watercolor)

(Referenced from a photo i took)

Hand stuff (pencil)

Mannequin hands (also pencil)

There are a few more things but i don’t have photos since all drawings have to be left at school.


ooh cool
I like the hands

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I really like the cloth! It’s very well done :clap:

that took hours! the funny thing is that it ended up on the wall with the ones my classmates drew but it was attached upside down, there is even my name written on the front, how did they manage to put it upside down?


You have some serious tallent. I love the use of shading on the Charcoal and pencil work.

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well, kinda. I might have a little talent but that is all exercise with the charcoal and the proportions. Also, everything is a lot easier when you are copying from another drawing or a photo. the main way I improve is by looking at the drawing I just made and then criticize every little part of it, even when it’s still passable in quality. stuff like “the proportions are wrong” and “fudging got what even is this ship! Look at this (points at a weirdly shaded part) it looks like ship” (censored for site reasons) and then I kinda remember what I did wrong and then try to avoid repeating the same mistake twice. also looking at reference helps (probably should do more of that) and looking at art tutorials gives me ideas on what things I should try.


These are great! The detail is stunning! Also, is this for that technical drawing class that you were complaining about a while ago, or is it for another class?

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another class, these are for the “graphic and painterly disciplines” (not sure about the translation but it’s basically painting and drawing with a fine arts direction) while the hands are for “artistic laboratory” class (basically this class serves the purpose of helping students choose which classes they’ll attend during the 3rd to 5th year of highschool (graphics, architecture, visual arts, design or multimedia))

the technical drawing class is still a pain but I’m at least good enough to pass it with not too much trouble. It’s still really stressing


Tallent isn’t just about being really good but about knowing when and how you are flawed.
You know where your mistakes are but above all, you know how you need to improve.
References are great especially while you are developing your own style, there is nothing wrong with learning from other artists, that is how you improve by example.
So give yourself some credit okay. :slight_smile:


and here is one of the things I struggle with. my self asteem is low, even though I sometimes sarcastically say I’m incredible and stuff. giving myself credit is something I find hard to do


Self estime is difficult to come by. I know that very well but just remember, some of the greatest artists in history struggled with the exact same thing.
You really are good though, you don’t have to do everything perfect to be good at what you do. I just want you to know that.


I really truly love the first one a lot its abstract and like an ink blot. Makes me want to stair at it and try and find a shape or something to it, but I know anything i see will purely be my own subjective interpretation and I love it for that reason.

The hands and face are extremely well done as well in all leagues better than anything I could do.

I work with kids in my community, not saying you are a kid, but like you mention above it is stressing to be vulnerable in sharing your art. I find most are fearful of not measuring up or perfectionists or both. In the end art speaks to everyone differently and you should be proud of your work, take in constructive advice, keep learning and continue to find joy in it.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I have played the violin for 20 years, want to know how I can play almost anything? Well its not by reading music, that only serves me as a cheat sheet of sorts. In truth I have to hear the melody first, then play it while hearing it and after a few tries I can replicate it from memory. Drove my instructors insane because to them it made no since why I could preform music well above my age and practice but if you handed me something to site read “ie cold without having herd it” I could never get it completely right.


These look great.