Some Viruses Are Just Hard To Kill Sometimes... (Moc)

This particular Moc of mine resides in the future, passed the end of G1. A bare, skeletal frame escapes the Mata Nui robot and roams the newly formed world that lies outside the fallen body. Within it, a damaged but alive spirit lingers on…

Moc Breakdown:


I love what you are suggesting by that description…


It’s an idea I haven’t seen anyone explore, whether that be through a moc or story piece.

Nice MOC, but the black background makes it very hard to see it… I think it would probably look better on a white background.

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I’ll probably rerender it and add the white background pic on top of this one. But I was really going for that dark picture to set the tone a bit. Especially with the eyes. Thanks for the advice though!

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Nice picture. The model is rather simplistic, but I like the dark aura you created.

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Thanks, and yeah the simplistic nature is intentional. I wanted it to look like a frail frame. Kind of like Ultron at the end of Age of Ultron.

this is an interesting take on some of the key features of the original lore of bionicle, having to do with the infected masks of the rahi and berserk antibodies called the bohrok

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This doesn’t really homage those ideas really? But I like your perspective on it. I was more going for a degraded Maxilos almost.

I like the energy of the teaser picture, but you should always include an unedited photo of the MOC. As it is, this topic is very close to what would be considered a ‘teaser topic’, which isn’t allowed here.

I was more so talking about the imagery of calling it a virus, it just reminded me of some of those initial parallelisms in the lore, and yes, this looks very much like maxillos, very well done

This isn’t a teaser though? It’s just how I did the picture to try and set the mood. But I’ll edit the post later to include a white background version

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I know it’s not followed much around here, but that kind of image is what would be used as the title card in the MOCpages days. Then you’d have images of the MOC itself in the body, because people want to see the actual construction of the MOC. If you’re going for the feel of the image more, it would probably reside in the artwork category.

Ahhh okay and I understand. I’ll definitely edit the post to have a breakdown

you don’t even need a breakdown, just a clean photo

I’ll take another picture with a white background instead of the black and post that.

Edit: Here is a break down of the figure.

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I love the design, and from a lore perspective that’s brilliant! Imagine the legends he could create, a vengeful husk wandering the desert, haunting travelers as he longs to regain his former might.