Something I should tell you guys

I don't know how to start this, but I'll get straight into it... This is going to sound like I'm complaining/whining and I perfectly understand, but

I'm feeling like I'm hated/not welcome to some areas of the Bionicle community, Youtube to be precise. I feel like this because today I looked at some of my Youtube videos, and I never noticed that they had so many dislikes.

Compared to TTV, there newest video has 170+ likes and no dislikes.

Am I just not welcome here? Are my videos bad-quality? Is it because I had a squeaky voice in my earlier videos?

Really guys, I need some help solving this out. I trust all of you guys and care for you. I really do.


The Bionicle community on Youtube is horrible


When did this happen? After the Biotube war, everything seems to have been brought back together quite well...


basically, your vids have so many dislikes on youtube because so many people dont understand the lego hobby. people see you as someone who is a fan of lego which is what you are. they think that lego is just a toy for youngkids to play with. obviously we have discovered that lego is for all ages and is not just a toy. we build a model that we like and other fans appreciate it. but people who aren't fans just see 3 bricks on top of eachother and dont see the work put into it. unless your model is huge they dont care. if you get what i mean. i personally like your videos.


Biotube is full of idiots
that's all


Everyone is always welcome here! :grinning:

Youtube is full of idiots.

Never take a Youtube comment seriously, don't listen to them. :smile:


there are so many community's on youtube but the only ones that succeed are music and gaming. You would expect something like art to succeed but nope. everyone wants to listen to music thats trash, and laugh at somebody who speaks funny while playing a game. people who make amazing things ad work dont get any credit, but people being dumb do. im not saying i dont enjoy big gaming youtubers, but people do much more amazing things. like i said, unless the thing you build is huge they think nothing of it. there are a bunch of people who think any moc can be a lego ideas submission, or that "i can build that you did nothing" or sometimes people mistake mocs for sets. a lot of people just dont understand are hobby that we enjoy

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you know, brushing off biotube with the reasoning of 'all of youtube is horrible' feels just a tad apologetic to me.

biotube is some of the worst of this fandom imo,
full of idiots who don't know what they're doing, and pretentious jerks,
which I won't excuse the behavior of because 'all of youtube is like it',
why does that give them a free pass?

yes, youtube is full of idiots,
but not entirely,
there are youtubers I watch whose comments sections are(mostly) perfectly rational and civil,

a small community of hobbyists should not be capable of a civil war.


I completely understand that, and in hindsight,

Might have not been a good thing to say, because it's not true. There are good, helpful, nice people in the comments.


I don't really like biotubers. At least those who just share bionicle mocs all day. Jangbricks is fine.

You should really show your mocs on some other media, like the message boards. It's full of people who love flame wa- I mean people who are always your friends.


Wait, what Biotube war?

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just because there are a bunch of dislikes on your videos doesn't mean they're terribad. personally i haven't seen them, [insert motivational background music] but as long as you think they're worth something, they're worth something. if youtube is seriously putting a thorn in your side, though, you should probably move your content someplace else.

same. @Rockho, i demand a proper documentary!



@Toa_Jakami @NoCashValue


Your videos all seem pretty high quality. If there's anything that's a point of contention, I suppose it's mostly that you don't produce original content. If you had more series' than just occasionally reporting on Bionicle news, I imagine you'd get more views. Additionally, if you had a more reliable release schedule, I think people would get into the habit of watching your content.

Also, as much as I hate to say it, I imagine your voice was kind of an issue earlier on. It doesn't bother me, but I can see why someone would click away under false impressions of your maturity. Fortunately, it seems that time is on your side in that field.

So yeah, the main thing is more original or regular content.

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I'm going to do reviews/MOC showcases, it's just that I need a good camera. My camera I have at the moment is all screwed up.

EDIT: My voice has matured, in my last two videos it sounds decent.


I feel you are over-reacting with this one - you have a very limited number of dislikes on your videos and most of those still have an incredibly high view-count. You are looking at older youtube videos and not really considering that you still have a larger amount of likes compared to dislikes and some of your newer videos (At the moment) have no dislikes.

Most of the videos that have been disliked are ones where its not really your content per say, such as the episode compilation videos. The news reporting videos generally tend to get less dislikes. A few of the early videos received one or two dislikes, but that is incredibly natural.

As for comparing it with TTV's newest video, DONT. Put simply TTV has had a longer time to establish themselves, it is also a newer video so chances are all those hoping to watch the video have not yet. Chances are their video will get disliked because there are a lot of people watching, the more people that watch the higher chance you'll get a dislike or few.

Focus less on the dislikes and more on making your MOC videos/news/etc,, - i know it can be difficult, but you need to focus more on the fact that tons of people are liking and commenting on your content.


Its nothing really to do with the Biotube community and its a little unfortunate everyone is jumping to that conclusion given the amount of dislikes you are receiving is fairly minimal - chances are its just someone who either wanted to dislike to cause a reaction or just someone who didn't enjoy the video.


I have a habit of over reacting. I'm not very expirienced with how YouTube channels work and it gives me a panic attack sometimes because I think my channel will go to trash.

But thanks anyways, really helped me calm down in this situation.

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Its alright, just focus on the fact that you have almost 280 actual people who are subscribed and watch your videos. Even if you have a few dislikes or not too many likes, you still have a ton of people who thought you were good enough to watch regularly.

Not to mention all the kind comments you get from people who enjoy your stuff. People will dislike as they always do, but you've got to focus on the positives and keep doing what you are doing.

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Oh, i thought you were getting outta the closet...