Son of Makuta - Hunger

Son of Makuta - Hunger.

P.S. Check the other ones: Anger, Shattering, Heat vision, Vacuum, Poison, Electricity.


Omg this is amazing

Could I get a better picture of the staff though? It’s hard to see all the detail from that angle.

Very nice! I think the head looks a little too big, but it’s really not bad at all besides that.

That looks incredible! The color scheme is a bit generic, but it’s still executed well. The creepy/realistic detailing is great, and I especially love the built-up staff; it looks just like the original!

Everything has so much detail and intricacy, I really like how you created the spine.


While the Rahkshi is impressive in and of itself, what really draws my eye is the Kraata.

Absolutely stunning
Everything is just amazing

Really amazing.

my only problem with it is that the spine doesn’t look like its part of the body. To me it looks more like a giant paracity growing on its back (which I gues can still work with the concept).

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Kraata reminds me of this:


Awesome moc!

Excellent work; he looks amazing!

However, is it possible to replace the trans-orange

with trans-purple? (because MoL)

Just when you thought the classic rahkshi were creative…oh my this moc is something

Anger is my favorite, but this one’s amazing.

How? How do people build stuff this good?

Obviously they made pacts with Lovecraft Old Gods.

Jesums, i think even the kardas dragon would be terrified by this monster. Really good job.

@Samtastictogo, sure: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
@Stuubh, oh, I still think head is a little bit small comparing to the rest. xD
@jayzor17, many thanks!
@Rocka99, thank you!
@runner5050, thx.
@Leoxander, haha, thanks!
@1000Purse30, many thanks!
@Darknova3529, ye, that’s a fair point. I realised it after I had uploaded pics. Sadly.
@Linuttkh, adorable worm!
@Morgy, thanks!
@DarkTakanuva, I am not sure about this, mostly of the types of pieces I used (most of them dont’ exist in transpurple). Thanks!
@TeslaEffect, haha, thanks you!
@Bobofoot, ye, Djok did a good job!
@CPRIDE_L3GO, hmmm, @TeslaEffect caught me.
@Hightekdragon, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, guys.