Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion and 25th Anniversary HYPE Topic

Well Hi.
Welcome to the

Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary HYPE Topic

This is where we discus and HYPE up the 25th anniversary
of the Blue Blur.

What would you want in the 25th anniversary? (me: a real game)
What is your favorite Sonic game? (me: Sonic Heroes because NOSTALGIA YAH)
What's your favorite Sonic song? (me: I SEE IT I SEE IT AND NOW IT'S ALL WITHIN MY REEAAAAAAACH)
What is worse, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, or Sonic The Hedgehog(2006)?
(me: idek)

I have a little too many questions to ask.

DISCLAIMER: Please refrain from spamming 'Sanic' memes/jokes/annoyances but a few comments about 'Sanic' is okay just please don't spam 'Sanic' 2006 times ty.

What are you most excited for? POST ALL YAH WANT!

Fan art is very appreciated. :3

Let's try NOT to produce massive hate on the franchise/fan base, Thank you.


I'm honestly hoping for an anniversary game among the lines of Generations. And maybe an episode of Sonic boom where they somehow meet the classic/modern sonic.


Can't wait.

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I can't wait for something good to come out.
Like a good game.

I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm barfing out old complaints but really though


- Sammyclassicsonicfan


I dont like sonic, I dont want to like sonic, and I dont give a care about sonic.

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If you don't care then why are you here? ;D

send your hate PM's to RaptorTalon

For the franchise to end. Seriously, the creators of the series don't even know what to do with it.

Probably the second one, Sonic 2.

They're both as bad as each other, and a lot of Sonic games are bad. Sonic has more bad games than good.


Sure thing!


I've pretty much grown out of this franchise, but I guess I can say some stuff.

I want Sega to make a good game or put away the franchise

The Chao Garden from SA2 (You could say SA2. And yes, I am aware of how bad the game is).

My favorite song would probably be His World from Sonic 06 (but I don't listen to it anymore).

I have no idea. I haven't played either, but I am planning to get Sonic 06 (I want to see how bad it is for myself). Also I have heard that Sonic Boom is horrendous. And by the way, where is Shadow the Hedgehog in all this? That game is pretty bad too.

I have to admit, that's a darn shame. There is a lot of stuff that can be tapped into. The Archie Sonic comics anyone?

I have to agree with you there.



Hang on brah...

I'd argue that SA2 is one of the best!

I like you less.

(Looks up at Chronicler) Hah...

I like Sonic too, Sam.
b35t y0utub3r 3v3r

Simplicity itself. :clap:

Who here believes that Sega can actually make a quality Sonic game, even if they put their mind to it.

Probably Sonic Advance 2 due to the nostalgia. (Was one of the first games I owned.)

I wouldn't even know.

The gritty urban redesigns of the characters and the next gameplay gimmick based on screaming.


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gonna be honest
Not excited for anything related to Sonic


Because he needs to post in every Topic to regain Master.

I too, dislike Sonic.

Except Sonic '06, that game was the best. :smiling_imp:



Thanks brah. :]

More like: Who here believes that SEGA should just HEY LOOK LISTEN to us.
Notice me SEGA-senpai

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@SwagMeister I believe you just tore off a dead horse's legs and beat it with them.

just to make sure you understand and don't think I'm a serial killer, I'm saying that you're taking beating a dead horse to another level.

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Well since we are here on this subject; I am going to recommend to you ProJared's review of Sonic Adventure 2: It's a pretty good review that nails the pros and cons of SA2.

Great! I'm a big fan of Sonic!

What would you want in the 25th anniversary?
- I would personally love to see the return of the Unleashed/Colors/Generations Boost formula, but I realize we will probably never see that again. Alternatively, a newer play style similar to the Adventure games but faster, as that gameplay style is a bit outdated from what we've seen more recently.
Also, side note, I want to see SEGA use the models they used for Sonic Runners. I feel a combination of the looks of Classic and Modern Sonic would look amazing!
What is your favorite Sonic game?
- Oh gosh, this one's hard, so I'm going to break it up into the Generations eras:
Favorite Classic Game: Sonic 3 and Knuckles
Favorite Dreamcast Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Favorite Modern Sonic Game: Sonic Unleashed (half of it)
What's your favorite Sonic song?
- Open Your Heart, or basically any Crush 40 song!
What is worse, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, or Sonic The Hedgehog(2006)?
- Haven't played either, but I'd have to say Rise of Lyric is worse because, even if it's hard with the glitches, Sonic 06 is still mostly playable and the gameplay isn't as boring as Sonic Boom.

The hype is real for 25 years!

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