Sorrow, Dominance of the depths

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This is my first post here on the message boards so please give me lots of feedback.

"They may not know me....But the people of

Sorrow is the The toa form of the Ga-matoran god Sorraux-Matas. She can basicly transform into a great being.

She wields the soul axe, given to her by Mata-Nui himself. This ancient weapon contains a fragment of teridax's soul, this comes with a stupid amount of crazy power. That is why hydro flames come out of Sorrows mask.

In order to contain this amount of power (which is enough to kill another great being) Mata-Nui built an apparatus within her body which allows her to concentrate the energy into powerful attacks.

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Anyway heres the rest of the moc:

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Moc's alright, a little gappy but for what it is it's good.

The backstory is bad, though. I am not a fan of Mary Sues.


yeah. i cant really do much backstory for mocs unless i sleep on it
ill probably edit and come up with a better backstory tomorrow


It's not bad, just gappy, but yeah the backstory is pretty eh....
And man I thought people joked about how much the hand design is overused's true.


ill just put this as a V1 moc.


I love how mechanical, rugged and unique the armor placement looks... (visorak legs for shoulder cladding...why didn't I think of that)? :smile:

Could use more trans orange highlights


The moc is good, but there are some parts to improve.
First of, the waist is a bit too thin for the rest of the body.
Speaking of the torso, it's a bit gappy.
The feets could be bigger, but that's just a nitpick.

On the bright side, I like the shoulder pads. The legs are cool too, they look vey armored up.
The weapon is well built but I would have used a tube to cover the black axle.


it's a cool MOC, but oh my gosh 2 op

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That's OP.

Really OP.
As others have said it's gappy. The knees look pretty thin in companions to the rest of the MoC.

Oh yeah. I love the axe.


Whoa that's over powered.

Whoa that's even more Over powered.

Groovy MOC but like everyone has pointed out, the torso is a bit gappy.

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I just wanted to let everyone know this is a part 1 of 7 series (and im making them all of the great being forms que attack on titan theme song)

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I have qued the battle music in my head. I can't wait to see the others.

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Thanks. I also enjoyed making it!

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It looks pretty messy

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