so here’s a bioformer moc i made based on the transformers headmasters cartoon character soundblaster

robot mode

cybertronian micro tape recorder

and an assault carrier

and here are the cassettes buzzsaw and rumble(wip)


I can’t really see any similarities barring the colors, I’d recommend sticking to a more blocky aesthetic to homage the brick-ish character known as Soundblaster.

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I see, I’ll have to try that then, thank you

I’d really recommend it, as I didn’t see any resemblance to the source material until I read the description closer.

My thoughts basically.

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The stability appears to be pretty poor, while the elbow doesn’t seem to have problems; the knee can’t keep it stable much.
It’s a Transformer so the gap is necessary but a few areas aren’t covered in different modes.

Actually the knees are surprisingly stable

I wish I could say something positive but I can’t. The entire moc has a bad, very messy design and the colors just don’t work together well at least configured like this. Both modes are really “holy” and the minions I can barely tell what they are outside of humanoids. The ship mode is the best but only by comparison.

Sorry to be so critical but this needs a lot of work. I know transformers are hard though so I won’t knock you on that aspect. I do like the idea though.

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thanks for the critique

Honestly, I don’t feel that this MoC really is Soundblaster. The whole thing is really gappy, and it feels really thrown together. I don’t think the head design is that good either, and it really doesn’t suit soundblaster. Rumble looks very bizarre and has long gorilla arms. Buzzsaw is alright. I also think that the cassette player mode isn’t really that good. I know you probably put a lot of work into this, and it really has a lot of potential, but I just don’t think it was executed very well.