Soundtrack "deep cuts"

I’ve been listening to a lot of John Williams soundtracks lately. Every now and then, I’ll come across a piece I like as much as his better-known songs that gets almost no recognition. Here are a couple of examples:

Has anyone else noticed any similarly unrecognized standout songs in soundtracks? Post them here!


Here’s one I think needs more garnered attention. Everyone likes the opening theme, but these little tidbits of music really help set the tone for some of the Spider-Man films.


A lot of the DCAMU has a lot of overlooked scores, but I’d like to highlight a couple that aren’t just straight-up main themes.

Meanwhile, I’d also include The Lake Battle from the 2003 Hulk film’s soundtrack, but I can’t find the thing on YouTube so you’ll have to settle for the main theme.

Really wished this whole score got as much recognition as Elfman’s work on Batman and Spider-Man.

It deserves as much, mediocre film or not.

And I’ll just throw this in for good measure. Great show. Great soundtrack.


Here are a few that I think deserve to be more recognized.

Gives an ancient, but slightly tragic feeling. I very much like this one.

I remember as a kid playing Corruption and going back to Bryyo just so I could listen to this track, I’ve always loved the chanting and the atmosphere it provided to the planet.

Easily my favorite boss fight in any game, though I don’t see its respective track posted around much. It really adds to the intimidation factor, and made the boss fight all the more intense.

This entire soundtrack is brilliant, and this track is no exception. The piano really does it for me here.


From the Winter Soldier, “End of the Line”.
There are others, but that’s the first one that comes to mind.

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I am quite fond of this movement.


This soundtrack doesn’t get enough love, I think. Especially the beginning. It just sounds like a slow and steady march, until someone fires the first shot, and then all chaos breaks lose. It’s remarkable.


I’m so glad I keep music on.

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Really this whole soundtrack seems rather overlooked in my eyes. Some of the pieces are nothing short of works of art.

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