Sovereign, 'the crows first feather'

Sovereign is an old knight and one of the co-founders of the crow knights.
He's also a very close friend to the Angel of Darkness, Auron

back view
also, credits where credits belong, Sovereigns upper body is loosely based on a body design from the user @ghosty

Old friends

Also, since this is actually V2 of Sovereign, let's have a look at the poorly made V1 from last summer

As always, C&C is welcomed:3


He's very intricate, and the colors are nicely distributed.
Also, love your avatar.

Thank you :3

Pretty cool. I like the leg design.

Pretty nice meme ya got there, but I do wish the photos were slightly more zoomed-in.

@Stoax thanks
@HewksDKowlihad thx.
It's not like you can't zoom in the photos though

but moving my mouse and clicking is already too much work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nicely built and good colors, I do feel like the shoulders are really low, like i get the idea of the shoulder armor pieces making them look higher but the arms connection point is too low for me to not notice.

Same, the camera is kinda far from the moc.

I can understand your problem with the arms, but unfortunately, this body design doesn't allow putting the arms any higher :frowning:
I'll have to work on that in the future

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ive gotta say i really like this moc. the use of the gold spikes is done really well and alot of the moc flows pretty well. although would it work better if the spikes on the arm were facing up following the rest of the spikes if that makes sense

That would be a good idea. I'll do that