Spartans 6, 7, 8 and 9

The 9th might just be the last Spartan i ever build.

6th Spartan
Sniper and

7th Spartan
Shotgun and

8th Spartan
Sniper Rifle(the HALO sniper i tried okay) and
Energy sword(again the HALO covenant sword and i tried)

9th Spartan
Binary Rifle(tried…)
Battle Rifle(tired…)


6 & 7 look the same, and can’t really see much of 8 & 9, the weapons cover most of the moc. Plus the paint is distracting.


I’m gonna say it, the binary rifle looks like a rail gun


I know right

Could we possibly have more photos?

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What armor are they supposed to be wearing?

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looks like Ms. Jessica Rabbit and Mr. box troll are doing below average than ever. But whats this? New comers? Ok sure.

Ok starting with 8 spartan. Looks like 7th’s cousin came into town and got himself a better looking box and now 7th spartan is jealous. What can I honestly say about this one, it shares the same flaws the last one had and when you make another one of the same thing your expected to make it better not worse. The color scheme is more acceptable this time around but yet I don’t know how you failed. I could literally copy and paste my last comment on your other two spartans and it would still fit the description of these things.

Moving onto Spartan 9. Im really beginning to realize a trend that goes through all your spartans, and its bad. If I looked at any of these things I would need to ask what they are because they look more like skeletons with armor than actual spartans from what we all know are from Halo. Not even doing those edits help, its too distracting from the actual moc. Its not that hard to tape multiple or get a long piece of paper and put it at a slope for a background and take photos with, its honestly not that hard. All I can say about this spartan is that its the other spartan but done better, with a more solid color scheme but still sharing the same cons that all the other spartans have.

If lack of parts is a problem then sure, ok, I get it. But by the looks of these you can do better, I encourage you to do so. I am seeing improvements and all I can say is don’t improvise, if your trying to do something off a game, movie, anime .etc then you should make sure you stick as much as you can to the original source. Because the only thing I can recognize here is the energy sword.

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Look pretty nice, I really appreciate the style.

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Nope i try new things and im surprised

what do you mean by surprised?

Energy sword

That I can only recognize the sword or how it turned out?


well the energy sword is one of the more recognizable weapons in the Halo series

My dude what armor sets are these supposed to be? Fotus? Halo 4 Hazop? Reach Operator? What?

Completely new ones…