Spheroid: 32-A model

I enjoyed making the first model, I just had to make another!

This one turns into a small artillery piece.




With the two halves taken off to give a better view of the bot.

Any comments and crits are appreciated and welcome!


These remind me of the Megatank from “Code Lyoko.”

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Are those green bits meant to be its eyes? The way they’re positioned I’m not sure how they’re meant to work…

nevertheless, pretty clever build.

Wonder if you could make a buzz droid with this method?

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Maybe, but it be kinda hard because of the shape of the buzz droid, requires some serious folding to fit in the halves shown in the movie.

And yes, those were supposed to eyes.

Super cool! I hope this becomes a series. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting how the two built so far use the only two planets I have.

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Which, coincidentally, are the only ones I have as well.

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Maybe they were just really common?

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I bought mine because of the parts, but that might have something to do with it.

I’ve always wanted another death star so I could just have a normal grey ball. Would be great for building one of these:

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this one is giving me some serious slizer vibes