Spherus Paradiso (ongoing)

The calm of the warm night washed over the Sandy beach which stretched along the coast of a bay beyond sight. A lone figure sat on a log facing the remains of a fire and beyond that a vast, calm sea, behind them a mostly abandoned village.
The being, a Toa, wore a large open white coat with red trim, reinforced with metal pauldrons, and a worn golden brown mask with vented cheeks and angular eye holes, through which you could see the light blue glow of his eyes, fixated on the embers.

A tall white and red Vortixx adorned with an ornate headdress joined the Toa, sitting beside him on the log.
“You should rest” she said quietly, “the expedition leaves early”
“Not tired” the Toa responded blankly, still focusing on the remaining embers of the fire, in truth he wasn’t, but he was too lost in thought to notice even if he was, not long before this night he had been fighting for the fate of the world at the feet of giants, now what would become of him? He remained like this until the rays of the sun broke across the horizon, and the two entered the village.

The abandoned homes and businesses echoed the metallic footsteps of the pair as they made their way towards the town center, as they approached they saw a short blue being sitting on a broken fountain, the figure sprung to their feet and raced towards the pair,
“Payinku! Echodarix! I was beginning to get worried no one was going to show.” she shouted ecstatically, the being stopped in front of the two beings, which towered over her, before them stood an abnormally small Toa of water,
the leader of the expedition.
“The sun just rose shogia, give them time,” Payinku said, “though given your yelling I doubt we’ll have to wait long.” he said smirking.
The three sat at the fountain and spoke for a short time before others began to arrive, a mix of Matoran, Toa, Agori and Glatorian.
A Po-Matoran wearing wrappings and a bow and arrows approached the group, and spoke quietly with Shogia, while Echodarix spoke idly with a blue Glatorian, a slightly stout but incredibly imposing figure, he wore asymmetrical armor, with one arm being almost entirely covered in metal, and carried a massive longsword, he appeared to have some sort of breathing apparatus.
Shogia abruptly stopped talking to the Matoran and demanded the groups attention,
“Alright! If everyone is ready we’ll be heading out!” she chirped, and set off towards the forrest on the outskirts of town, the group gathered their supplies and belongings and began in the same direction, towards the unknown.

I haven’t written basically anything in literal years, so if this is entry tier trash I apologize, regardless, I think there’s a really interesting tale to be had of the colonization of Spherus Magna.
so, if anyone is actually interested in reading more of this trash let me know.


Awesome!!! Wish I could write this well! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Sounds pretty interesting to me! I would just go back over and do a quick punctuation check; there are a couple run-on sentences that read funny. Other than that, though, not too bad.


The forest gradually grew around the group as they made their way into the now unfamiliar landscape, the quiet hum of insects and occasional chirp of birds settled to the back of their minds. A few matoran rode ussal crabs and carefully sketched the landscape, the cartographers of their journey, once the group had established settlements they would return to the main population with maps for others to make the pilgrimage, there was of course other explorers doing the same, but their was a clear competition between them for a spot in the new tales that would be recorded.
Shogia’s expedition was different, she was not interested in being remembered, she simply wanted to help both her people as well as their new friends.
Suddenly the dense forest sheered into a barren cliff face, and the company had no choice but to halt their trek to search for a way forward.
“Great” one agori towards the front spoke up, “don’t suppose any of you can fly?” he said sarcastically.
Immediately a green toa lifted himself into the air, floating upwards towards the canopy of leaves, disappearing into the vertical brush.
The agori looked up, shocked, and fell backwards, after a moment the toa reemerged from the treetops, “there’s a mountain range, I saw a canyon about 500 bios west, probably our best bet”,
“thank you” replied Shogia, “you saved us considerable time”, the group began west, the baffled agori stumbling to their feet.

The canyon seemed to go on forever, mountains walled in the party on either side, stretching upwards to what felt like oblivion, the midday sun scorched the stone beneath their feet, causing the air to swirl and distort, and the group was becoming visibly worn.
A rumbling broke through the monotonous sounds of walking bringing even the most tired members to attention, they frantically scanned their surroundings for the source of the noise, a silver and orange toa wearing a scoped mask looked ahead of the group and noticed a dust storm coming around the corner in the distance.
Suddenly the toa went wide eyed, “may Mata Nui protect us” he said quietly, turning towards the group, “riders, they don’t look friendly”
The blue Glatorian stepped forward, “bone hunters” he said in a rough grizzled voice, “figures” another, orange and yellow Glatorian said drawing his blades.
The bone hunters were upon the group in moments, old habits die hard, and despite their new paradise the bone hunters continued to terrorize the people of Spherus Magna, they weren’t looking for a peaceful resolution to this meeting.
Echodarix formed a shield with her kanohi hau to protect those not capable of fighting while those that could moved forward, matoran and agori alike drew bows and launchers, while toa and glatorian readied their weapons.
The leading bone hunter lifted a horn into the air and let loose a war rally, only to have the horn blown to pieces, followed by his helmet, by a kanoka disk, two toa with kakama blurred forwards, one a toa of fire the other Payinku, a toa of plasma, Payinku lept into the air swords drawn and brought them down on a bone hunter decapitating its arms then lept to another cleaving the marauder in half.
The bone hunters continued their charge, kanoka disks, thornax fruit, and elemental blasts flying free and crippling riders and their mounts, a thornax launched by one of the bone hunters glanced off a matoran, knocking their mask off and sending them reeling, glatorian toppled the agile rock steeds with their weapons and lept on the riders ruthlessly, soon only half the bone hunters remained.
An important looking rider lifted a second horn, and as a note echoed through the canyon the remaining bone hunters turned tail and fled back down the canyon a few stray projectiles landing at their mounts heels.
Payinku landed back on the ground followed closely by the other toa, the glatorian had already begun moving the bodies to the walls of the ravine to clear a path for the rest of the group, the toa joined their efforts and shortly thereafter the route was clear and the party was trekking on once more, weary and battle worn.