Spiker Rifle and RANdOmNEsS

Spiker Rifle

He has a Ice-blood SwordSpiker Rifle also has a high powered laser sniper rifle powered by rare silver iceSpiker Rifle is based off of this, A vampire squid
RANdOmNEsSHe Has a powerful silver axe
His back structure is complex So is true with his armRANdOmNEsS also has a staff, thingRANdOmNEsS was thought of when I had the thought, "What would something completely random look?"

So I hope you liked my MOCs, and thanks for checking out my MOCs!


Randomness looks quite random, but that other MOC looks really cool, I love the colours. :smile:

I'm not really gonna comment what I truly feel about these, as they probably wouldn't be appropriate for the boards.
I understand that the Randomness moc is supposed to be, well... Random.

But it hurts to look at.

Not going to go further.


Spiker Rifle has a misleading name but he seems pretty good. Randonmness is just plain lazy and ugly. The colors, the build, it just looks very slapped on.

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Omg Dese r dee bast cuz thei r sou kwl dey r the bist macs evar ant if u no thanky so u dai


Oh dear god what.
Ok, mocs aside, imma tell you something very, very, very important kiddo. You ready?
saying "OMG IM SO RANDUM XDXDXDXD" hasn't ever been, or ever will be funny. Honestly, this isn't an attempt to put you down or something, its just sort of rules of the internet. We all have that phase, don't worry.

Well randomness looks like garbage, the colors, build and... Well quite frankly everything looks like a bunch of spare parts chucked together and given a hilarious memey name to make up for it.
Spiker rifle is actually kinda cool. He's spiky and... Not so rifley, but that's OK. The colors do need to be fixed, and some things need to be cleaned up around the board, but its not horrible.