Spiriah, The Failure (Collab)

So I was invited to a collab hosted by moc550_berserk to celebrate him reaching 1000 followers on Instagram. The theme was The Federation of Fear,  so I decided to do Spiriah, as I've always had a secret appreciation for the character. To mess up so badly is impressive.


For this Moc I sought inspiration from the community on instagram, and tried to incorporate all of the "key traits" folks suggested. Didn't want him to just look like Antroz so kept black to a minimum and instead had Grey/Bley as the tertiary color. Also felt Spiriah would be one of those types that compensate for their cowardice with sheer size, hence the rather unique route I took him.

51261667828_a88f60ec57.jpg 51260738057_98d916d588.jpg

Had alot of fun with this build, and there are some parts that are held in place by pure friction, such as the lime green inika feet. Torso is completely custom with a Visorak frame piece serving as the starting point that everything branches off from.

Custom light up eyes were done by Driftingmoc over on instagram. Check them out for great custom masks and pieces.

51262210189_9e18870a66_z.jpg 51261467391_3c18d9aa65_c.jpg You can find the rest of the builders who took part in the collab over on Instagram, by searching #federationoffear.
In addition you can find extra photos not included here over on Flickr, or on Brickshelf (Once Live) if you prefer individual photos.
I do the multiple photos in one image to bypass the Flickr limit.


I like the lime/metru red combo, but his legs look a little weird to me.

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I love how much personality is in this. Kind of the reason I like Matoro Mahri so much. The hunch on both do great to reflect their character.

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Really? I do that all the time, so thanks!


Color scheme is a success. well done.

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I just took the primary colors from the Spiriah combo model, and went from there. But glad you like it.

Had alot less lime green G1 pieces than I thought.

I mean to single-handedly ruin an entire species’ civilization is hard to say one accomplished. Are ya sure ya would want to take credit for that?


I invented Twitter.