This MOC’s name is SplUURT. What, did you think I was gonna say ‘‘Kopaka’’? Nah, son.
There’s some technic stuff, and some ccbs parts as well.
pics suck, because my webcam isn’t great ovo’
He has an ice blade, a shield that spins (it sticks out a bit in these pics, but I’ve fixed it since…trust me :P) and a midak skyblaster. Before any of you ask, the white piece I used for the Blaster’s scope is an old technic piece, which was used for the Hockey line.

Hope you guys like this one! ^ ^


SPOILERS: Kopaka new form gives him the power of slipping everwhere


D I D N ’ T

Oh god, the ironic thing is that this MOC is actually prone to slipping…
I mean, he has ankle articulation, but only a bit from side to side, and his feet don’t move up and down. Instead, they sort of… fold, which does work, but not on a more slippery surface, like, say, glass ono’’


It fails to capture the smoothness of the Nuva forms.
Still a good effort.

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It seems strangely pointy.
Ehh, it still looks pretty passable bu- oh wait is that a gun?


Loving the sword design! :stuck_out_tongue:
The spikey aesthetic is neat-o, love the original mask, torso design is pretty good, and the legs may need a little work. Otherwise, great job!

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I really like how you did his spear.

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This looks pretty cool! I really like it. Good job!

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He looks okay, a little odd with how spiky he is. and a little cluttered.

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looks like a warlord/brute

is fine

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Welcome to 2008 :stuck_out_tongue:

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This MOC is Sawsome! :smiley: Great job!

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My only improvement would be rubber on the feet, to stop any possible not slipping


This is really cool (pun intended, sorry)! To me he has a very brooding appearance; I could see him as the Toa Empire Kopaka. The sword and shield look great and use a nice mix of old and new pieces.


Gappy but my goodness like this is cool

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Love the sword. Love the shield. Feet are too small. I really like the spikes on him. Pretty good!


This MOC is really good!

But the lack of a silver chestplate looks strange seeing that it’s supposed to be Kopaka in his nuva form

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I mean i like how it looks but the fact you called it Kopaka ruins the moc cause that is not Kopaka. The only thing Kopaka and this moc shares are their masks an thats it.

One could argue that 2015’s winter wave was ruined because they adopted the names and some of the characters’ features but went in a completely different direction with it…

If such thoughts are in your mind, then I’ll leave them there!

Well no the G2 sets still looked like the chars they wanted to imitate this does not.
Again its a fine moc but its not Kopaka.