Spooky Umarak

Boo! Am very spoopy!

This started as a large project to draw Umarak the Destroyer, but in short, I draw waaaayy too large. There ended up being no space left, and I was left with an incomplete drawing. But on the bright side, it proved to be very rewarding, plus I'll be using this for future reference.


As you've said, it's very cramped. Not a lot of room to see anything but the head.

Hmm interestingly groovy.

A face only a mother can love ._.



By: Umarak's mom.


3Spoopy5me m8, I nearly broke my chair after seeing that!

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The only good thing here in my opinion is the mask (but I'm proud of that at least)

But he came from darkness...

So you're saying he was born in the dark? Raised by it? That he didn't see the light of day until he was already a man? And by then it was merely blinding?


that eye

that eye will pierce your soul

Are we gonna have a bad time? Crappy Undertale joke is crappy. Is good doodle, not as close to the set as I'd like, but still pretty good.

I like it! The way that you drew it provided a feeling that he was lunging at you... possibly because you stole his cookies.

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Make no mistake, he values those cookies over the Mask of Control.

Very true! What kind do you think they are?