Spoopy Ripper

I was bored, and had a bunch of gunmetal shells. It’s an evil escaped Hero Factory Prototype or something.

C&C welcome, and enjoy!


Edited title for correct spelling-SRB

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Edited Title for how I want it spelled


Oh sorry


Too spoopy for me joke here
Looks edgy. Color would help.

It looks a little dead and lifeless with the monochromatic color scheme, but that really helps to add a theme to this guy.

Loving those shoulders. I give this MOC a 1980s/10

You’re the king of neat shoulder armor! Ten outta ten

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It’s very simple, but it looks great :thumbsup:
I love the spoopy look!

its pretty neat, but the 2.0 hero factory feet kinda ruin it for me, other wise, he’s pretty ripped

Defintely a spoop man.

I can feel those empty, eyeless sockets piercing directly into my soul.