Square's Old MOC's 2009-2013*

I dove in my moc'ing bin and found some of my old MOC characters, im either going to scrap some of them for parts or revamp them in the future.
Sadly I forgot some of their names and theirs other I didn't want to show.

Thing with a Vahki head:

A Cyborg:

Chubby Female Time-Traveler:

Ok, I cheated with this one, 2014 trans bone on the sholder.

Bancie The Hybrid:

The only creative moc in this.

General Beage:

Why did I pose him like Mike in Monster Inc. ?


Was one of my favorite MOC.


Lord Altar:

Another former favorite.

Any suggestion of who should I disassemble? I will definitely rework my 2 former fav.


I thought Bancie the Hybrid was Bancie the hype-bird...

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Definetly keep the last two- they're good

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Can I use the Cyborg's head design? I think that's a keeper, if I were you...


Long time ago I showed tutorial of this and other builds, I incidentally deleted it and other from past cringe.
Sure you can use the head design, I can't see how much it can hurt.

I'll give credit to ya as soon as I do stuff on the interwebs with it. smile


Are actually pretty good!

Ehh meh.

I actually really dislike this one.

This one is pretty groovy.

I found this one to be really groovy.


His okay. But the waist is way to thin.

This thing needs a name! It is my second favorite one here.


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I am not gonna lie, ???? Is the best.

Huh! This one's pretty cool! :smiley:

@Lord_Tuma @GIF.Man.Ben
Just to note, Beage and Yelfoid (????) had their revamp awhile ago.

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