Squirt's L'il Vlog

Hey guys, Squirt here, and today (and forwards) I'll be trying something different.

Here's the deal- i wanted to tour my room and my workspace and such, so i decided to make a l'il picture vlog. (hopefully this post isn't gonna be deleted, Admins please move this to the appropriate category)

So here's my room.Decent size for my age i guess, nothing too classy either. In fact, my most expensive possession in this pic is my HP Envy 4 laptop.

This is my PC setup- a 27 inch 1080p monitor from TopSync-obviously a repub product. I use a moderately sized tower gaming PC (custom built) with a Xenics gaming mouse, Logitech z213 satelite speakers and subwoofer. Because i am a artist, i have a Huion 420 OSU pen tablet installed.

One of my most prized possessions are my model kits. I have a goal to collect every Zeonic MS Gunpla in existence- but only HG kits. Trivia time- I bought my collection with only my savings- it is worth about 175.60 USD. That's a lot, considering i am quite young.


Capitalized title - Booster

Noice room. :+1:


What a tidy room. Sterile, even. I like the table's design; rounded edges tickle my fancy.

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Lel, tab, my room ain't that clean...