ST. 31518C, the Apostate

We heard their distant warnings, yet we did not act

We saw that it was coming, still we resisted fact

On the day it arrived, we again turned our eyes

Now our time has come, and its sermon has begun

My entry to the preliminary round of the 2020 Biocup. The theme was the future.

I really liked the collaborative robot saints built a while ago and wanted to add to the lore of them with an apocalyptic machine over man vibe. Hope you enjoy!


All those skulls are just :ok_hand:
Great work!

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The brickbuilt skulls are easily my favorite part of the MOC!

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Yeah, the robot saints were awesome, and this guy is no exception. I love the skull design used, the the lone ranger pistols as thumbs looks great.


Wow, I can’t describe how cool I find this.

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Wow! An impressive build! Job well done