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Wait. Can a sentient stand talk? Or otherwise telepathically communicate with it’s user?

Yes it can

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@Diero would it be alright if I added a slow healing factor on to Jason’s monster mode?

Is it alright if Vinny switched the mask with an illusion mask on your way out?

As a member of the speedwagon foundation he wouldn’t let someone just walk out with that.
You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference until it suddenly dissipates 5m down the street.

Whilst I like the idea, I’m unsure when that could plausibly happen without being noticed

If it was on your hip before you left Vinny could easily have brushed past you and made the switch, it would take a fraction of a second and wouldn’t be felt since the weight would be the same.
Just lift off while simultaneously forming a duplicate in its place.

It actually was attached to my hip after o left