Star Wars: Extinction Stage 1: Beginning

Hey there!
I recently started a Star Wars map on LDD. I will make a huge moc, and sometimes I will upload some images. Here is the Stage 1.

Here is a Stormtrooper army. Remember that the map will be custom, so it will not be from any Star Wars movie or serial. Here we have 60 Stormtroopers. 36 of them are regular stormtroopers and the other are heavy-weapon stormtroopers. The leader is a Stomtrooper Captain. I am not sure what I will do with it, but for now I want to some sort of reinforcements for the main battle between Jedi and Stormtroopers.
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They really seems blank and don't really look interesting, maybe if you changed their weapons and entire leg to one color, they would looks more uniform.

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@DannyBoyy, I would change their leg in white, but then the black would brake the color scheme. And how should I suppose to change their weapons?

In LDD, I think you can change the entire leg and all its components to white, for example the bracket in between the leg. You can also get weapons in white too.

So you want to tell me that I should make completely white Stormtroopers?

That was my suggestion, yes. It's only because the minimal amount of black on the stormtroopers really makes them looks odd, though for the head one you'd change him all to grey.

Boyy, I never saw a all white Stormtrooper... I can't see this design and I never liked a color scheme formed from only one color...

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