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(As Chimm) Chimm turned to hide in an alleyway, briefly catching his breath before leaping between the buildings to get to the rooftop. The Rodian below searched the alley thoroughly before giving up and leaving, not seeing means to reach the roof.

(As Adam) “We are sending you all into this city to find the Jedi scum. The one who brings him gets paid, I don’t care what happens to any of you. Group one may now board the transport“

(As Rebel leaders)
“Chimm was one of our best informants” a said sadly
“Was? He’s still alive. We can send an invasion force” another rebutted
“Too risky… we just spent most of our fleet on the battle over yavin” a Twi-Lek chimed in
“They’re recruiting bounty hunters… what if we sent soldiers undercover?” The first suggested


Ygdras walks into the Rebel Leaders’ room, “Send me.” He said, his Dathomirian accent a bit thicker than when he was a child (kinda like a light vampire/Transylvanian accent) .

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The group would look at him. “Why you?”

“He is the closest thing I have to a brother.” Ygdras said, “And, he has been feeding me and one other information from his assignment, information that can be useful and even critical to rescuing him.”

OOC: He’s still got trust issues and I’m not sure if the Rebel Leaders know Ygdras’ past.

“That’s right, you trained as Jedi together…”
the leaders thought it over. “We can send you, but you’ll need to disguise your saber or pay off the screening engineers,”

Ygdras chuckles and shakes his head, “Perhaps I could tell the Imps I’m a bounty hunter and this little trinket is a trophy from a Jedi I had killed?” He suggested, “It would look appealing to the Imps if they have a successful Jedi hunter under their employ.” He looks over the leaders.

OOC: Any familiar faces from the films or shows?

R3 rolls by the door but keeps quiet, listening in on the conversation…anyone passing by would see it was him because he was wearing an Imperial officer’s (grey cap with the silver button thing) cap that had been messed up by tie-dye and several Arubesh stitchings, one saying “Property of R3-D20 so HANDS OFF!!!”, on the top of his domed head.

“Understood.” The Third Brother said as he turned to board the transport, motioning for a handful of at-the-ready purge troopers to follow.

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Juliana, who had been standing nervously, waited for her group to be called to board.

OOC: For the purposes of not having to stay accurate to their characters, no. Though it wouldn’t matter as the coms in the area will be blocked, though the characters dont know yet

IC (Adam): Adam cleared his throat to get Juliana’s attention “group one, you may board” he said to her sharply

“Too much?” He asks the leaders.

R3 tries to stifle a digital laugh as he thought,

Ygdras!!!  You are so dramatic it's hilarious!

“Don’t get yourself killed. May the force be with you” the Twi-Lek told him

Ygdras bows and proceeds to leave…and get tripped by R3.

“You tripped me!” He yelled.

No.  You're just a clumsy meatbag!

“That was your leg that tripped me and you aren’t being subtle with that hat.” Ygdras said, growling.

Oh, please! Says the guy who looks like a monster!

“That does it!” Ygdras yelled as the two began yet another argument as the droid was being chased by his owner.

“When I get to your power switch, you’re going to want to be grounded!” He yelled as they disappeared into the halls of the base.

“Oh, um sorry. Just letting the Inquisitor board.” She said clearly nervous, before moving to follow.

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“They’re going to get themselves killed” an onlooker said to the Twi-Lek. “I doubt it. He’s possibly our best fighter. Though we should send another,” he’d press a button on his comlink. “Kaduna, may I speak with you on the bridge?” He requested @meepinater

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Kay replied, “Yes, absolutely. I’ll be there momentarily.”
She left her quarters and hurried to the bridge. The doors slid open neatly as she stepped foot into the room, looking around.

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She would probably have passed Ygdras chasing R3 down the halls, muttering something in Dathomirian that was probably best left untranslated for the sake of the other droids.

Eventually, Ygdras traps R3 at a dead end, “Okay, apologize, and I won’t shut you down and confiscate the collection.” He panted.


“You are impossible.” Ygdras said as he flicked his finger and R3 suddenly stood stock still.

Kay glanced at her two friends, chuckling.

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With a triangular waffle in his mouth, and hurriedly putting on the sleeves of his jacket, Digg bolted out of the door to his appartment to try and make sure that he wasn’t late for work.


The Eleventh Brother nods at Adam and follows the Third onto the transport.
“What’s our plan to find the Jedi?”
He asks the Third Brother


“Once we get on the ground, we’ll want to begin by simply gathering intel.” The Third Brother turned to look out a window overlooking the bustling planet. “With a planet with such a high populous, someone must have seen him.”

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