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“Whoever you are, you are horrible at holo-chess.”
He turns off the table and does a thorough search of the rest of the room.

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The Third Brother nodded and slid a small comms device to the bartender. “If you see him, let us know.” As he left the bar, he took out his own comms device and called Darvin. (@Diero) “Eleventh Brother, have you found any more information on the target? I’ve already checked the cantina. There were no sightings.”

Brorden watched as the Dathomirian left the group, followed by a few others. As much as the Ygdras looked threatening, he also looked like he knew what he was doing, and if Brorden wanted to score this bounty, he would need to partner with someone who knew what they were doing. “Welp, here goes nothin.” Brorden whispered to his droid with a shrug. “Hey, wait up!” He said as he ran around the corner he saw Ygdras take.

Chimm was thorough in removing evidence. There’d only be some notes on thinks like Imperial crafts and Jedi teachings, but nothing profound or that’d give location clues

Treehorn turned and gave him an analyzing glare, “What do you want?” He asked.

Eleventh responds.
“I found the Jedi’s former residence, but he was frustratingly thorough in clearing out. I’m moving on from here to try and find a trail.”
The Eleventh Brother starts looking for any concealed entrances or exits.

Chimm wouldn’t have been able to modify it considering it was an apartment, but he’d see the open and broken window where Chimm had climbed out

Kay glanced behind her, catching sight of Brorden.
“What is it?” She asked warily, placing her hand on the holstered pistol on her belt.

“That’s a lot of hunters…” Chimm thought after overhearing conversation about it. “Too visible on the rooftops… I’d get cornered in the sewers…” he reached out and briefly felt his friends through the force, but was quickly blocked by the darkness here. So much anger and fear clouding the force on Fondor. Chimm would make his way to an abandoned warehouse to rest, but noticed a homeless man with him. The man ran away recognizing Chimm’s uncovered face from the bounty pucks. “Carabast…” Chimm muttered watching the man run to the landing zone. Chimm tried to run after him, but the man lost him in an alley, and continued on to the cantina to try to find imperials looking for the Togruta


“I’m coming to investigate the location for myself. If you find anything else, keep me updated.” The Third Brother responded as he began to make his way toward Chimm’s apartment.

OOC @EmperorDuckie the homeless guy would probably see The Third Brother on his way out of the cantina, so if he wanted to tell imperials, now would be the time.

“The name’s Brorden Skordann,” The bounty hunter said cordially as he removed his helmet. “And my metallic friend here is Cooper," Brorden continued motioning toward Coop. “And if you plan on catching that Jedi, you’ll need some help, which is something that I could provide.”

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The man would approach the inquisitor “excuse me, I believe I know something that could prove useful to you”

“Same to you.”
The Eleventh Brother, seeing no other options, climbs out the window to retrace the Jedi’s steps.

“Continue.” The Third Brother said, stopping to listen to the homeless man.

“First off I have a memory condition. I can’t remember stuff unless I have credits in my hand” he’d say to the inquisitor

The Third Brother took another step toward the man, ignoring his previous statement as he towered over him. “Tell me what you know.”

“You’ve hunted Jedi before?” Treehorn asks.

The red astromech gives Cooper a wary look.

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The man, slightly intimidated, stuttered a bit as he talked “please… I really need money, sir”

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“Well, no, but I do pride myself in my knowledge about them.” Brorden said with a hint of nervousness. “Plus, I can make myself more than useful with a blaster.” He continued, gaining some confidence as he patted the pistol at his side.

“What. Do. You. Know.” The Third Brother repeated, as his stared down the man from behind his cold, emotionless mask.

Treehorn gave the Miralian(?) a questioning look (@meepinater) before turning to face Brorden, “And let’s say we find our target, what’s to stop you from doublecrossing us?” He asked, subtly using the Force to try and see if this person was being honest when he answered.

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The man stumbled back. “I’ve seen things, boy. I watched my family die by a windmill of lightsabers,”

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“Heh, you’d have to think I was real stupid if you thought that I thought that I would be able to beat you two in a fight.” Brorden said with a chuckle, then realized what he said was completely unfiltered. “Er-I mean, I guess you’ll just have to trust me.” He said, attempting to put on his bests tough-guy voice.

The Third Brother placed his hand on the man’s shoulder, tightening his steely grip as he spoke. “Answer me.”

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