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Ygdras shoots Chimm a glare, “You must have us confused for someone else, Jedi.” Treehorn said, “Now, we can bring you in warm, or we can bring you in cold; your choice.” He pulls out a set of binders and his blaster as he said “warm” and “cold”, respectively, to show what those choices meant. for the usual bounty hunter.

The look in his eyes said it all: play along.

Digg pulled out his blaster rifle and began walking in the general direction of the bounty hunter from before.

TK-3516 nodded. “You seem to have a wise family.”

Kay stood back and watched for imperials, or other bounty hunters.
“Choose quickly, we don’t have any time to waste. I’d rather not bring in a corpse.”

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“My family is well known in the crime world. About as high as you can go without stepping on the Hutt’s tails.”

Behind his helmet, TK-3516 raised his eyebrows.
“Really? What brought you to the Empire?”

“Employment. I’m not really part of the empire. I’m an independent contractor they brought on for this job.”

“Ah, I see.”
TK-3516 sat down crosslegged on the roof and brought out some of his splicing equipment.
“I’ve got an idea, I can try and hack into the security footage in the city to try and find who we’re looking for.”
He began to attempt to do so.

“Not a bad idea. I’m more of an environmental tracker than a digital one. Tracks, scents, marks, paper trails, stuff like that.”

The splicer nodded. “That’ll help too, maybe you can inspect the footage to see if there’s any evidence that I can’t find.”

“Right.” She replied, keeping an eye out for their quarry.

He’d succeed but the feed wouldn’t come through clearly enough to see hardly anything. He would have to either have connections to each individual monitor (wired or otherwise) or go to each one individually.

Chimm reluctantly held his hands out for the binders

Treehorn immediately cuffs Chimm.

“How many others were after me?” Chimm asked “Was there competition?”

“There’s a bounty for you, Jedi, and it’s an Imperal one.” Treehorn told him.

OOC: basically he said that the bounty is probably really big and there are lots of others on the hunt.

IC: “Now, come with us.” He told Chimm, motioning for him to follow the group.

R3, in all of this, had been trying to listen in on Imperial comms without revealing himself.

He would pick up bits and pieces, like that the inquisitors are close, sweeping around the warehouse

TK-3516 tapped his monitor a couple of times.
“I need a direct connection.” He said to Juliana. “Let’s see if there’s a security hub anywhere.”

Eleventh continued to circle the warehouse, and seeing that this isn’t getting results he loudly calls out,
“If there are any Jedi in the vicinity, I’d appreciate it if you came quietly!”

“If I had to guess” Juliana said, looking over the port, with an arm and thumb raised, “I’d guess about… there” she said, indicating a small raise in the roof of the port.

“This was too easy.” Brorden whispered to Ygdras. He had studied the clone wars extensively, and if there was one thing he knew about the great Jedi generals of old, it was that they didn’t give up easily. “Just keep you guard up, you should never underestimate a Jedi.”

The Third Brother arrived at the warehouse, and closed his eyes, tapping into the force, trying to see if he could sense the Jedi inside, and if it was a trap.

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Digg had managed to clear some of the distance between himself and hunter, and was now hiding behind some machinery, with his blaster ready to stun.