Star Wars: Lockdown OOC and Signups

This is Silva.

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Okay. do you mind if I gave Juliana some very basic equipment? I’m realizing now that she is very, VERY under-equipped. Especially for someone coming from a crime family.

Define “notable figures”, please?

Anyone who looks of interest, like, say, a Dathomirian bounty hunter.

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Like what

Some basics. Boot spikes, (For climbing walls and whatnot) wrist Grappling hook, (for long distances), maybe a thermal detonator or 2.

Very minor stuff.

Yeah, that shouldn’t be too bad

Right, thank you!

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Question: How much of an advantage does Vapaad actually have over other lightsaber combat styles?

I ask because I have no doubts that Ygdras will eventually get discovered by Purge Troopers and/or Inquisitors and have to go all out in a fight against them.

I don’t know of the style, could you give a description?

It’s Windu’s fighting style.

Here’s the wiki for canon stuff about it:

How I understand it is that it takes the Dark Side the opponent is using and turns it against them, kinda like creating feedback and it keeps going until, in the best case scenario, the Vapaad user overwhelms the opponent via that feedback loop.

So, what actual advantage would you say this form would have over Purge Troopers and Inquisitors?

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From what I can tell, Vaapad’s unpredictable movements and attacks would surprise someone expecting a Jedi to be more thoughtful and strategic.


Yeah you should be fine

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Brorden was saying asking Kay what she would say to him joining, he wasn’t asking her about what she said when she first saw him approaching. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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@Traykar, is Digg weak-minded? I want to have Treehorn (Ygdras) use a nonverbal mind trick to get him to leave.

Probably, but he’s already walking past him.

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@EmperorDuckie you should really rename this topic to Star Wars: Lockdown OOC and Signups, and rename the real one to Star Wars: Lockdown IC gameplay topic.


I have no doubt the Inquisitors would’ve felt something using the Dark Side to seek out something…

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Probably. Due to the heavy dark presence, itd be hard to triangulate where the light is, but they already know near where Chimm is