Star Wars: Stranded on Zoma V

“…897 … viving GAR … nel … Republic … espond.”

Comms. Graphite didn’t have the elbow room to reach his helmet, where his comms device was built in. He grunted in desperation, trying in vain to strain upwards at the girder and plating.

He banged his head against the girder a second time, this time going dizzy and seeing stars. Not good. He’d be dead without his helmet, was for sure.


“Immediate aid is present.” Wannabe said, lowering down on one knee and staring uncomfortably at her. “You are currently experiencing anxiety. If it is at all related to the prior argument-”

That was enough. No more talking, only working.

Wannabe searched the rubble with his eyes to see if the source of injury could be located. Jedi were beyond top priority.

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“Who’s out there? Im in bunk room C, pinned down. My gear is in here somewhere”

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Boomstick had arrived at the two clones.
“Hey! You guys okay? Seems like we must’ve had some mighty fine malfunction to get here…” He doubted it. This didn’t seem like a malfunction, more like human error.

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“Th-thank you…” Tesz responded, a dazed look in her eyes. “Master Norr, wh-where’s master Norr?” Was all she could manage.

Wannabe would notice a sizable cut across the top of her left arm. It was long, but didn’t appear too deep.

“What’s your number soldier?” A voice barked from the dark corridor.


Which two clones?


“CT-2904, Im Legacy, an AT-RT driver. Who’re you? Where are you?”

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Bravebird and Quips

“Remain calm.” Wannabe said in the least reassuring voice possible. “General Viego Norr…”

His head rotated around smoothly to look at Bravebird. “He is assisting with further evacuation. The Harbinger has been critically damaged.”


A flashlight flickered on, revealing commander Duke walking, no, limping, toward Legacy.

“We need to, agh, we need to get out of here.” He said to Legacy, before activating his comms again.
“I repeat, all units, get out of the Harbinger. Rendezvous at the front of the ship.”

A calm seemed to wash over Tesz, but only for a moment.

“No, no that’s not true,” She struggled to get off the ground as she spoke hurriedly. “Something’s wro-”

She was forced back down to the ground by another round of coughs.


“Copy, commander. My position is around main hangar. Standing by to assist.”

Saddle sat on a discarded crate. He could wait here for others to reach him, or to be called upon to retrieve those who couldn’t move themselves.


He would hear a clanging sound emanating from somewhere farther down the hanger.

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“Boomstick, come help us, the Kid is pinned.”

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Legacy did his best to salute his commanding officer despite his predicament, then asked:
“Would you be able to help me move the bunk on my leg? I’ve been able to get this one mostly off of me, but I cant get out because my armor is stuck, and my leg is being-ahhh crushed”
“My gear should also be somewhere in here, as well as my helmet”

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A new wave of panic surged through Graphite. He’d be forgotten. Left behind. He’d die a slow death, who knows how far underground. There was fear, then. He did the pathetically obvious and pathetically futile thing, he shouted out. It was deafeningly quiet. He could barely hear himself.

His head still rang from before. He’d try again, after it cleared. If it cleared. Hopefully he didn’t have a concussion.


Duke nodded, trying to lift the bunk off of Legacy as he favored his right leg, but the captain gave way, falling to the ground next to the trooper.

“Help, we need help by the crew quarters. Section C.” Duke called out for any nearby clones. @N01InParticular


Saddle took up his DC-15 and walked over to the source of the sound. “Hello?” he called. “Anyone there?”


Ah, yes. Now Wannabe remembered why he hated the force.

“Remain calm.” He reached to the side, and had to manually stare at the spot where a table holding gauze should have been were he standing in the medical bay like he wanted to be right now. “Your injury is not severe. It can be treated properly in a moment.”

“Does anyone have open communications?” Wannabe rotated his head around at the assembled clones, not really caring if his head doing a 180 freaked anyone out or not.


“Take it easy, Commander; we’ll find General Norr.”

Bravebird turned to face Boomstick. “Yeah, Quips and I are fine. Commander Tasz is injured, though, and General Norr is nowhere to be found,” he said, then he turned to face Tesz again. “I was about to go out looking for him. Commander, do you remember where your master was before the crash? That information would greatly aid our search.”


“Sir, where are you hurt?”
cupping his hands, Legacy yelled out: “Anyone nearby, this is CT-2904, Captain Duke and I are stuck in bunk room C, assistance required!”


“I picked up a signal from Saddle, but it doesn’t seem like our message is reaching him.”