Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Bower would feel the pull growing stronher

He followed it faster.

It gradually grows stronger and stronger

As it grew stronger he slowly started to run.

And suddenly he would find himself falling. He wouldnt know where the ledge was, or when he started falling.

Instead of fear Bower was experimenting… confusion.

He stopped falling. He didn’t land, he didn’t hit the ground, it would be like he suddenly woke up from a dream. He would find himself in the same hall as before, feeling the same pull.

He followed it blindly.

He again feels the same falling sensation, and wakes up shortly after.

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Bower frowned as he continued following the Force.

Meanwhile, Han got bored.

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OOC: idk if you saw, but I’m doing these one at a time, and timeline-wise they’re all happening at the same time.


Bower continued following the Force, at this point even forgetting how he ended up in that place.

Han stood up and decided to explore the hallways without Bower.
OOC: I am not necesarly using Han yo make you attract him to the crystal, just to remind everybody that he still exists.

He would feel the falling sensation again.
HINT: The trial is to teach him to stop and think when he finds himself in negative situations.

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Bower stopped. He turned around and tried to snap out of the Force trance. It was enough for him. He fell like… what? Three times already?

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Ygdras closed his eyes, trying to sense out his surroundings.

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He may have noticed a tunnel on the cave walls each time he fell

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He tried to go to that tunnel.