Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Bower was playing with the crystal, spinning it like a spinner on the icy floor.

“but-but…” Kay struggled to find another good thing to say.
“They want to help.”

Kaiden seemed lost in thought as he stared at the door before he noticed Ygdras. He shook his head tentatively. “No, I’m good.” He said as he could see his own breath like puffs of smoke in the air.

Ygdras gives the cloak back anyway, draping it over the young Arkanian, “Can’t protect others when you’re frozen like in ice cube.” He said.

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“Or do they? Would the clones have attacked them unprovoked?”

“I said I was fine!” Kaiden snapped as he moved his shoulders to get the cloak off. “Just keep the cloak…” he said in a slightly less annoyed voice. He looked up at Ygdras with weary eyes filled with tears that seemed like they would spoil over at any minute. “…please.” He said with a sniff.

Ygdras tried to sense what emotions brought about this response while trying not to become angry at it.

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“I-I dunno.” Kay struggled to find words.
“The-the clones had something wrong?”

He would mainly sense some self doubt in Kaiden, but there also seemed to be a deep need in Kaiden that drove him to act this way. Though Ygdras would have really ended to take his time and focus in order to gain this information.

Ygdras took a deep breath, What are you hiding? What is it you need so desperately? he thought as he stepped away, leaving Kai’s cloak with its owner before closing his eyes and trying to sense out this desire of the Arkanian offshoot.

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Ygdras would sense the cloak being thrown back toward him as it landed ungracefully at the Zabtaks feet.

Ygdras didn’t seem to react aside from another deep breath to try and not get angry as he tries to focus and sense out what Kai needed so much.

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The only concrete things he would sense so far would be a need to fulfill something, and a an overarching fear.

“Beware your fear.” Ygdras muttered, “It can motivate but, left unchecked, it will consume and destroy.”

He tried to look deeper to find what Kai feared and what his goal, this thing to fulfill, was.

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Kaiden’s expression became slightly more anguished when Ygdras spoke, but he made no response, but merely turned his head away from Ygdras. He was beginning to feel that Ygdras was trying to search through his emotions. Seeing as Ygdras was still a youngling, he probably wouldn’t be able to sense much else aside from a feeling of desperate duty in Kaiden to fulfill something…

What duty are you trying to fulfill? Ygdras mentally and rhetorically asked as he tried to go deeper, starting to sweat from the effort and falter as some of that sweat went into some of the cuts in his head, causing him to become distracted by the stinging pain and lose focus.

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Kaiden could sense Ygdras prying at his emotions. “I already told you not to worry about me.” Kaiden mumbled, not taking his eyes off of the door.

“Your fear is strong and you are letting it engulf you.” Ygdras said. “I heard you are the top of the class in lightsaber combat, care to spar?” He asked as he brought his out.

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“I said you should worry about yourself.”

“Don’t tell me you’re scared.” he said, igniting his lightsaber as he lowered the power to training levels.

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