Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Kaiden stayed quiet for a few seconds before responding. “Fine, we can spar for a minute.” He said a little more calmly as he rose to his feet.

“Then face me.” Ygdras said as he entered a stance similar to Windu’s. It was more amateurish but there was a resemblance.

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Kaiden activated one side of his saber as he stood, and took up the stance of Soresu similar to Obi-wa’s stance.

Ygdras began to circle Kaiden, trying to get him to make the first move.

Bower looked confused at the two.
“What you do?” he asjed tge two from the other side of the room.

“The clones were almost completely perfect models, with the exceptions of very few defects,”

“All in good time, Bower.” Ygdras said, “just watch.”

He began slowly circling closer and closer to Kai.

“Oh! Fight!” Bower said, standing up and approaching them.

Kay sighed and her shoulders slumped down.
She scuffed at the ground with her feet for a moment, before her head snapped back up.
“We didn’t need the clones! Someone-I forget his name-made them for us, but we didn’t need them!”

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“You’re right. Had the Jedi realized their potential, we wouldn’t have needed them,” the figure said. “You can learn from their mistakes. You are powerful, young Jedi,”

Ygdras growls as he suddenly lunges at Kai with his lightsaber.

“You’re a Sith. Why do you want me? I’m just a healer… I don’t want to hurt anybody.” Kay replied.

Kaiden contrasted and was ready for the attack as he jumped to the side, brandishing his blade close to his body.

“I don’t want you. The galaxy needs you,” the figure said. Its lightsaber turned blue and lit the figures face to reveal that it was Anakin Skywalker. “Your group are some of the last Jedi. At the moment you may be the Galaxy’s only hope of stopping the Empire and Darth Vader,”

“But- I’m training to be a Jedi. Darth V-Vader is a Sith. I’m already working to help!” She replied.

Ygdras began twirling his lightsaber around in a seemingly wild manner, stepping closer to Kai as he did.

Kaiden slowly backed away, waring for Ygdras to strike.

Ygdras gave him a test swipe at the ice near his feet.

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Kaiden made a small jump backward to dodge the swipe, but kept his attention focussed on Ygdras.

Ygdras smiled and tried a couple more swipes in quick succession.

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