Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Kaiden made yet another short jump back after the first swipe, but then suddenly broke his flow and lunged in with his saber to get close to Ygdras and block the second swipe.

Ygdras used that block to his advantage and swung at Kaiden’s shoulder, “Now the fun begins.” He said.

“Wow! Where you light sword from?” Bower yelled.

Kaiden continued to ignore Bower, consecrating on the duel. He swung his own lightsaber around, activating the other end to block Ygdras’s swing, then immediately followed it up with his own upward strike coming from the side of the lightsaber that was facing the ground. The strike was aimed to swing up and hit Ygdras outstretched arm.

Ygdras tried to jump out of the way, tempted to bring out his blaster and fire a stun blast at him.

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Ygdras lunged after Ygdras, using the other blade of his lightsaber in an attempt to knock the blaster out of his hand before he could fire off a shot.

Ygdras growled, “Okay, time to play.” He said as he began to mix in a few fakes to throw off Kai and trying to gain the upper hand with ferocious and quick attacks.

“You have so much more potential than you realize. Don’t be scared to tap deep into the force. Your friends will always be there to help you,”

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“O-okay.” Kay replied, now confused and a little wierded out.
She looked around.
“I gotta find my crystal. Can you help?”

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“No, but you can,”

“Oh… okay. G’bye then.” She turned and moved further down the tunnel.

Kaiden blocked the attacks with some narrowly missing his face and shoulder, though his defense held firm.

“Stop hiding behind your fear.” Ygdras said as he increased the ferocity of his attacks, “let go of it.”

Bower was watching the two lightsabers, visibly fascinated.

Kay would eventually come to a ledge, and a glowing blue object would be on the other side.

OOC @BlackBeltGamer98 @TheMOCingbird maybe y’all could help Bower figure out how to build his saber after y’all are done sparring?


The only response Kaiden offered was a low annoyed growl, and a quick strike from he bottom end of his lightsaber arcing upward toward Ygdras’s saber wielding arm.

Ygdras got hit and growled in pain. He took up his fighting stance again.

Kay paused.
She looked at her side, and the other side.

ooc: would it be possible for Kay to use the force to carry herself over the ledge?