Star Wars: Survival Over Illum (signups and discussion)

The guys commander gree named himself after

He’s got a little scraf!


Do they inherit any abilities as a species? If so which ones?

It’d be intelligent but that’d probably be about it

So, they’re pretty much normal people?

I mean, they’re squids

For all intents and purposes, there is little aside from the obvious that can differentiate them psychologically from normal people, right?

They can’t speak basic if I recall directly, but that isn’t really an ablity

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So, there’s a language barrier; that’s nothing a good translator can’t fix.

I’d be curious to see how that species would act as a Jedi; especially considering it could easily wield several lightsabers at the same time with all those arms.

Did someone say Black Parallelogram?

What I know of the Gree comes from SWTOR, where they’re a distant faction who use emissaries. Wookiepedia isn’t showing me anything worth worrying about with them; they’re just isolated oddballs.


That would be interesting; a normally reclusive race and faction having one of their own trained in the Force and having to go outside the bounds of his home and people.

Oh I didn’t see it was a squid. We already have a shark :joy: I think this will be ok, but to everyone else can we try to stay away from fish for characters? :joy:

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Joins as a whale instead



Here’s my character

Name: Chimm Kulah
Gender: Male
Species: Togruta
Tools: Comlink, long walking stick (about his height)
Abilities/Capabilities: Slightly more adept in some force abilities, such as healing, vision, and speed enhancement, than most younglings his age, but slightly below average in more combat related abilities. About average in telekinesis.
Appearance: A bit tall and very skinny, often wears an oversized cloak. Other than that an average young male togruta.
Personality/Bio: His left leg was recently injured in an accident, which is why he carries a walking stick, but his force abilities allow him to temporarily hold together so he can run, fight, etc.
He’s calm and rational, but enjoys socializing.

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Are there naturally occurring red Kyber crystals on ilum(?)?

I ask because red’s my favorite color.

No, but there could be a pink that’s close to red.

No offense, but pink’s not my color. I doubt I’d be lucky enough to find a violet one.

I might be wrong, but the light saber’s colour is not provided by the colour of the kyber crystal, but of the traits of the user.
There are so many videos that explain each colour on YouTube.
If you want it to be red, then you obviously have to be a Sith.

Right if you’re a consular you’re more likely to receive a green crystal, if you’re a knight, blue. And if you’re a bad*** mother****** you get purple : P


Do we get to choose our crystal color or is that decision made only by the GM?