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Cries about Star Wars: Underworld.

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Star Wars Detours deserves to stay unfinished. It was an unfunny mess from the second it was conceived.

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The trailer gave me a few chuckles back in the day. The Jar Jar bit seemed like it had potential to me.

It did laugh on the inside a few times, but it's version of Vader completely goes against what Disney has been painting of him lately.

I don't think Detours is supposed to be considered "canon"...

Huh. It seems as though those green bits are there to emulate the bit of green seen on the original TCW asset.

As I've been doing research, I've started to notice these green patches on select other republic vehicles (though it seems to be an oddly inconsistent design element).

Has anyone found these odd green patches on any other republic vehicles? Why do you guys suppose they're there? @Middlefingerstudios, @Rockho, @HewksDKowlihad, any ideas?


hm, I'm legit not sure, I'm pretty sure the walker does have that random green stripe on it in the movie and on the toy version

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idk fam
Considering they've been shown most prominently Kashyyyk, on the A6 Juggernaut and the AT-AP it could be used as either very light camouflage or to denote the division it belongs to (41st Elite, denoted by green markings).
On the TX-!30, the V-19, and the LAAT, however, I don't have a clue. Maybe just an accent color to nos make the entire craft seem too monotone.


Well, some vehicles, like some LAAT/i gunships have the green nose, and it appears LEGO either received images showing that, or that's just the way they wanted to portray it for whatever reason.
Perhaps just another splash of color to make it more appealing to kids.


Yeah, it looks like it (though the colour is not very obvious)

That's a pretty logical conclusion.

How is dark red and white monotone?

The CG model in AToC was definitely had green on it.

Perhaps these green splashes of colour will remain a mystery...


Oh, my post was worded a tad awkwardly.
I meant that since the one ship had it, maybe they added it to the others for some reason (maybe uniformity?), or that it was in the images they received.

Perhaps. I'm still not sure why the Lucasfilm artists would do that though...

Oh gosh, seeing Star Wars Detours trailer again makes me SO glad it was cancelled. That show would have sucked.

Not cancelled, just placed on the shelf. Like Biocraft! :frowning: Oh wait...

I thought there were some great moments in that trailer. While I don't find everything about the Robot Chicken Star Wars skits enjoyable, there are a few things that are really funny, and I think Detours could have really expanded on those aspects. Like the Emperor/Vader relationship in RC. That always made me laugh. I want a show of that, and it seemed like Detours was a show of that.

I guess you haven't been watching any of the LEGO Star Wars stuff then...


You mean like Star Wars Underworld?

When a Star Wars project is put on the shelf, it's pretty much shelved. AKA, it'll probably never come back.

Yeah, I know.

RIP Republic Commando 2 and The Force Unleashed III and Underworld and Detours and that one Darth Maul game and....

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Kotaku recently shared a bunch of concept art from the cancelled gritty, mature Darth Maul game that has been published in the past few weeks. The game looks like it never got past concept/prototyping and seemed to be really pushing for a Mature rating. Here are a few of the art highlights:

The neo-Stormtrooper helmet bears a striking resemblance to the Rogue One Death Trooper helmet (specifically in the cheek areas). I can't help but wonder if the concept was reused (as is often the case in Star Wars).

What do you guys think?


That all looks fantastic. I doubt we'll ever get a Rated M for Mature story under Disney-owned LucasFilm, though. Rogue One is probably as mature as Star Wars will ever get under Disney.


I don't know, several of the books and comics contain scenes that I wouldn't want to show to a kid/young teenager.


Well, but those novels are intended for a more mature audience. Unless they're a weirdo like I was, a 10 year old isn't going to be reading one of the gigantic EU novels.

The comics sort of the same. I don't know how many kids these days really read comics, but I'm sure there are some that do.