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I feel little else besides apprehension about this.


i don't see a point to make another trilogy, unless Disney REALLY wants to milk Star Wars for all it's worth.

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You answer yourself.


That word alone should tell you everything.

At least it'll be "new" content supposedly. Whether this will be Old Republic themed, some sort of adaptation of what the Visceral game was going to be, or whatever, at least it sounds like they'll be trying new stuff and won't be making Episodes 10, 11, and 12, immediately after the current trilogy ends.

Also, there's a live-action TV show in the works. Maybe this time it'll actually happen.

Neat, but I'd have to see The Last Jedi so I know what Rian Johnson is capable of. Once I know, I'll be able to decide what I think about him having his own new trilogy.


geez, they haven'y even finished the sequel trilogy yet.

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Here’s the thing with this new trilogy. First of all I couldn’t be more excited, for one: Rian Johnson is a fantastic writer/director (if you want proof go watch brick and looper they are excellent) and two: this means nothing but good things for the last jedi, if Disney and Lucasfilm are confident enough in that movie to go ahead and give him three more that means the last Jedi may be something really special.
Also this is going to take place completely separately from the normal saga, which means this could be anything, I’m leaning towards it being a knights of the old republic trilogy.

We also should talk about how the live action tv series is confirmed.

I'm of two minds.

ONE: Lucas himself tried to get a live-action TV series off the ground numerous times, only for it all to blow up because of budget reasons. It's not going to be like any other show. There won't be many opportunities to shoot on-location, and even when there are, sets will have to be built there to make everything look right, which is the same with every other set. Not to mention special props, alien costumes, droids, spaceships to scale, other special effects, etc. EX-PENS-IVE. A sitcom revolving around Dexter's Diner wouldn't be that hard to do, since they could reuse the same set every episode, but I doubt that's what they're going for.

TWO: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. exists. While it's set in contemporary times, which eases the burden on the costume department, the show has lots of your typical MARVEL elements, and they make them work for the most part. It's proof of a show that can work on a TV sized budget but still feel grant like it's movie counterparts.

We know it'll air on Disney's 2019 streaming service, so that might give it more of a budget to work with than an ABC show, which means it could have more opportunities to go big. Since it's Star Wars, Disney may also just give the producers a blank check and say have fun. Doubtful, but possible.

Also, I wonder who the showrunner(s) will be? I'd love for Dave Filoni to head the series since Rebels is wrapping up, but he's very accustomed to the animation world, and what's the LucasFilm animation team going to move onto next? Will they finish up the long-shelved Star Wars: Detours (they have like 30 finished episodes or something...)? Will Filoni and co. kickstart a new animated show? It's been confirmed Thrawn survives past A New Hope, so maybe the next animated series could be called Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, and be an adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy. It'd be set after the Aftermath books of course, with some toddler Ben Solo stuff, canon Mara Jade (if possible after The Last Jedi, who knows what Luke's backstory will be like), and a big component could be Thrawn trying to reestablish the Empire while other remnants skulk off to form The First Order, and their clashes on how to proceed. That could all be interesting.

I'm not sure I'm excited or not for this, since we've been promised a live-action show before and haven't been given anything except whispers about what went wrong behind-the-scenes. I'll need more information. Like with this new Trilogy, it's just something I have logged away in my head in the "Oh yeah, that's happening" category with the Respawn game, the Bioware game, the Obi-Wan solo film, and Episode IX. They're too far away at this point to think much about.


I think it would work well on a budget about the same as game of thrones maybe a bit more. And just saying I hope Star Wars detours stays shelved forever, like I love Seth green but I hope that thing never sees the light of day.

to me, it sounded more like the new trilogy would take place after the sequel trilogy. I kinda doupt that they would make a trilogy based on the old stories of the Republic or the Jedi order, as im feeling that they probably wish to tell stories that are set in this new Jedi and Sith less universe that they are building up.

I think it'll be an old Republic story, probably about the Mandalorian War or some variation of that, and that it's narrative purpose will basically be to counteract the prequels.


If you read the press release it’s states it will be completely separate from the episodic films in an era not yet explored by the new canon. I’d be fine if it took place in the sequel era though and it was just a separate story in that era.

they never said era. just that it would be in a different corner. Plus with the statment that it would be a "blank canvas" i doupt that they would use materials from the older stories that has been told, like with KotoR or any of the other media that takes place before the clone wars.

Yeah I was wrong about that, sorry. And I would like it more if they did do something completely new and different, because there is so much they could explore in this universe.

I have mixed emotions about this. Part of me says that they shouldn’t do any more movies and stick to other stuff, and another part of me wants to see how this turns out. Rian Johnson seems like he could really do some great things with The Last Jedi, but the thing is that movie isn’t even out yet, and I still have a few reservations about the movie. So I’m not sure if I like the idea of him doing a new trilogy after this or not. The more positive side of me says that Disney has that much faith in TLJ and Johnson as a director, but who knows, we might not react the same way. That being said Old Republic, would be pretty cool.

This is what I'm also guessing.

I'm hoping after they are done with the sequel trilogy, we get more Pre-TPM stuff. That was always my favorite part of the EU canon. They're lacking stuff on that in the new canon, so I am anxious to see how they handle it (or if it even happens at all).


Definitely a bold and unexpected bit of news. I expected continued stand-alone films for now, but a quick move into an all-new trilogy probably shouldn't have surprised me. I am personally hoping for an Old Republic Trilogy, as it has been long-desired by the fans, and has great potential to be an epic series. I also want Disney to truly keep their word and separate this trilogy from the Skywalker Saga in its entirety. Part of the appeal of Star Wars is that while its main story is focused on a central narrative, it exists in a wide mythology and a universe that has limitless potential. That universe should be explored, to the extent that we see stories in places and eras of the Galaxy that we have never seen before.

As for the TV show, I'm open to a lot of things. Hopefully it will be as good as some of my hopes.

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And this is where Disney has finally lost me. Disney's Star Wars has strayed far from Lucas' original goal of telling the tale of the Skywalker family and I am simply not interested in the stories they tell anymore. And yes, I know, Ben Solo is technically a Skywalker by blood, but I don't like that character and therefore choose not to engage with it.
I'll continue to be entertained by the merchandise and small side stories, but I'm really just kind of done throwing my money at the movies, because they cannot fool me three, or more, times.

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And I'm exactly the opposite. I love the Skywalker saga, like 99% of Star Wars fans, but I'll accept any story they give me as long as it's good and entertaining. Old Republic? Awesome. Different stories of smugglers hanging out and doing stuff while trying to make their name among the Hutt Cartels? Sounds cool, I'll give that a watch or a read. A Han Solo movie? Ehh, might not be necessary, but I'll bite.

I'm so far down the Star Wars rabbit hole at this point I don't think I'll ever come out, even if the quality of the stories start to tank.

That said, I won't render judgement on anything until it's released. If something ends up being bad, then it'll be bad. So far Disney has been pretty good so far. Of all the stuff that's come into canon since the reset, I'd say only one piece of media is actually "bad", which I think is Heir to the Jedi. That book has a ton of problems.


But why should Disney and Lucasfilm restrict themselves to the story of one family (a powerful one, yes, but still ONE), when there is an entire galaxy out there waiting to be developed. Besides, even George Lucas strayed a big from his own vision when producing the Clone Wars, which--while it did revolve around Anakin Skywalker--branched out into unknown territory quite a bit, having many episodes where the Skywalkers were not even featured.

I understand the affinity for the core story, and I love it, too. But Star Wars has a lot more to offer, and to ignore all of that potential by focusing on one story out of an infinite number is actually a disservice to what Lucas has created, in my mind, rather than respect for it.