StarCraft and StarCraft II

I think almost everyone has heard from the StarCraft series. I would like to know that have you had at some point thought, "Man, I could play an Unranked game with some dudes from the TTV Message Boards...", or am I the only dummy who thinks like that?(If this thread is in the way, I'd like to address some staff members to shut it down.

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I've kind of always wanted to try Starcraft II. Maybe I will someday.

It's a real good game, it just needs a little 'getting used to'.

I have StarCraft but have never played it. Competitive SC2 is pretty enjoyable to watch, even if I don't know much about the game.

I can show you a few tips and tricks. Sounds good?

Don't expect me to get SC2 any time soon. However, I'll contact you if I ever buy it.

Okay, deal.

I want to play them, but never leave time to do it.

I don't have StarCraft, I mainly just watch WSC Championships.

That's okay, I guess... :smile: