Stargate SG-1

Hey, is anyone here into Stargate? Was watching the first couple of seasons recently.



I was about to make this very same topic… (Eyes you suspiciously)

But yeah. I’m going to DCC as either O’neil or Jackson.

Honestly, the last few seasons with the Auri or whatever just got way too confusing.

Never heard of it actually.

Stargate Atlantis, I prefer more.

But it was an awesome series.

I saw the first season loved it was gonna see the next but then Farscape happened.


I’ve just started watching it. I’m about halfway through season 1. It’s been a bit hit-and-miss so far, but some of the “hits” have been quite good, and are obviously setting up things for later. Definitely gonna stick with the show.

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double-posting because my last post is from a month ago
@anon68675807, I’ve discovered your true identity.


four years later

I put up an RP for Stargate, if anybody is interested.

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